Samim & Michal - Circles

Samim aka Fuckpony & Michal Ho's debut album. Amazing production being made by this guys, all the three tracks are top! It starts with an underground old school track, with it's old feeling of what you may call "house beat" ... i bet it must be a hit in the dancefloors. The break almost in the end and than that grooving beat starting all over again... just great. Than you have the second track, "nes" ... more minimal, more subtle, with those kind of constructions that drives you crazy. The most suitable track to explain you what this minimal land feeling is all about. the third track is more of the same... mad perturbed constructions, deep long music! Someone told me this was a dub of the first track, not sure... A kindisch release

a1 - Circles
b1 - Nes
b2 - Game


My My & Zimmermann - Tuning #04

Hi there... i haven't had time to dedicate to minimaland, due to exams and things like that. January is a complicated month. However i think you should know whats been going on around here... well, the Producer that i've been listening the most is without any doubt, My My, i've been givin a lot of atention to it's great music and for that i present to you boxer 044 wich contains a MyMy remix of the great Amarcord track of Duoteque... side B is a Zimmermann rmx of Maximilian Skiba - Rendez-Vous, a nice one indeed. 14min lenght going through a lot of feelings during the music, completing a nice ep from Boxer Recordings. I Wich you all a great year of incredible minimal productions! see you soon...

a1 - Duoteque - Amarcord (My My remix)
b1 - Maximilian Skiba - Rendez-Vous (Zimmermann remix)

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