Mario & Vidis - Staar Wars EP

There's releases that somehow are destined to meet us and not the reverse way. After a suggestion by someone I respect a lot, I gave it a try on soundcloud. Then, magically, Staar Wars EP entered and never left anymore. Even more weirdly, I was looking for more info on this masterpiece and it came to my surprise it was on my promo list! And well, after all these coincidences, it's really worthy of a good review here since it's a production so magnificent it would be a sin to let it go released without our kind word.

Following the much talked about ones on Japanese Endless Flight, Australian Future Classic, German Best Works, British Crosstownrebels, and Otherworldly Philomena – a string of tracks,
remixes, and releases of 2011 supported by Âme, Dixon, Damian Lazarus, Andre Lodemann, Soul Clap, Anthony Pappa, Sasha, Joakim and far too many others to mention, here comes brand new four track Staar Wars EP of interplanetary dance music by Mario & Vidis. Best Kept Secret is a label founded by Vidis to uncover & present the hidden sounds of Vilnius House scene and intends to release good secrets over next times!

Staar Wars EP is one of those releases we just feel proud to find. And we feel proud cause since the first play our ego goes high and we take music like this as if it was made for us specially, driving an appeal of love and emotion not easilly found anywhere. Yeah, we know we tend to use fancy words to describe an EP or a track, but, with this EP is different: I'm wordless.
All I can say it's that any listener will not feel that this was the result of some mouse clicking during a rage of inspiration.. yeah, maybe it's that also, but then adds all the ingredients that tend to divide a huge production from a collector's masterpiece. Still wordless, I'll just refer that every track is a storyline and the main actor is the listener, Manaan, as the name itself tends to describe, it's pure joy of God's feeding to mere human listeners, it's pure magic and shiny energy feeding anyone directly into the ears. What more we can say?? There's a player below just in case... :)


A1 Ryyk
A2 Manaan
B1 Illum
B2 Loove Wars feat. Michelle Bee

Label. Best Kept Secret Artist. Mario & Vidis Title. Staar Wars EP Cat. Number. BKS001
Format. 12“ Vinyl, Digital EP
Release Date. November 11, 2011
Distribution. Word and Sound
Domain. www.facebook.com/bestkeptsecret.lt


Danilo Schneider - Short Image In My Brain

There's releases that captivate us so deep, extend so much the barrier that just give us a glimpse of what trowns us into a spectacle of delight and enjoyability when we assume we're listening to an unforgivable release on a dancefloor. Thus, it doesn't come really new for us after the amazing "Hula Hoop Ep" by Eveline Fink, which I found out to be a quite delightfully balanced Ep on Enough! Records. Enough, convenient to refer, is under the shiny touch of Mr. Danilo Schneider, who couldn't prepare another thing to his own label except a "soup" of ingredients that start with himself and expand his achievement with this short image for our brains. To this image, he brings Jakob Seindesticker and with the mixture of both, Enough! is assuming a character of quality vs. quantity, saying enough to all the amount of music hitting the stores everyday, releasing only true masterpieces.
Saying this, Short Image In My Brain is just a must have on any collection that focus on relying in amazing Ep's, cause, yes, it's the wholy Ep, the whole release, that expresses the fact that all the tracks are exceptionally good, but, to start with, homonym named track opens it in a cozy fashioned way so grooved and sculptured that its just a matter of time to find yourself letting go with the mood. It produces a big image in your brain, tells a whole story of dub vibes and paradisiac looped bells that keep your mind moving and the feeling growing smoothly in a soothing way. Edit Suite pulls the strings to a delicate hypnotic state where a scattered bassline and a mumbling fusion of voice snippets with arythmic tinkling sounds keep on the cadence of the smooth groove lines on the base, resulting in a curdled pattern of hypnotic drive. Last but not least, the maestro Jakob Seidensticker changes evertyhing without changing nothing at all levels, producing a new image with the old brain, which means the remix captures all the best and adds an extra depth of touch detail, producing a masterpiece intrepretation.
Experienced ears will understand all the previous said, where these words don't cope with the feeling delivered in the moment the needle is dropped on the tracks.
A must have.


Pawn Shop People - Hometown EP

After releases on Blufin and Sleaze‘s sublabel Smut Music, Pawn Shop People finally deliver their debut for the Kiddaz Music Group and represents a good discovery for us.

Their sound represents cutting edge dance music, vibrating between techno and tech-house with a certain analogue & rough appeal that keeps driving listeners. .

“Hometown” comes in with hypnotic bassline, deep synths and a penetrating beat. Little bit dirty, techy and deep underground music that appeals to a mumbling pattern of rhythm which embraces a nice journey of 4/4 mood. “Streetsmart“ appears with a rough drumming code combined with dark vocal drops and snippets, wrapped into Chicago‘s old school sounds while embracing some minimalistic pulpy hi hats that get side along perfectly with the groove working on the base of it, revealing as a good uplifter to any dancefloor. youANDme, who recently released a huge record on Cocoon and their own imprints, delivered an amazing 16 minutes rework, offering a complete new and heavy vision of “Streetsmart”, where techno is the basis for a dark trip around an interconnected mesh of delusive sounds that add some experimentation, brilliantly sending us back to old days of soulfull dark techno.


a1 - Hometown

a2 - Streetsmart

b1 - Streetsmart (youANDme Remix)

Artist. Pawn Shop People Label. Style Rockets Title. Hometown EP

Cat. Number: STYRLTD007

Format. 12“ Vinyl, Digital EP

Release Date. October 24, 2011


Seidensticker & Salour - Katzenjammer EP

Seidensticker & Salour (Jakob Seidensticker & Bardia Salour) are a name that’s becoming really familiar to us. Or, well, maybe is just our ears that are becoming enlightned by its intrincate and energized tapestry of sound construction, who knows, is just something that is explained perfectly looking upon a fast backward to these both artists biography.

While Bardia is a local hamburg dj and music connoisseur with great influence on the whole hamburg scene for years now, Jakob Seidensticker is a essential part on the internationally respected Wareika trio, releasing in labels we love and as known like Perlon, Circus Company, Eskimo and being well acclaimed internationally.

After Dj'ing in various clubs and locations , they have finally found their base at the'fulmina

nt' EGO club in hamburg where they share their tracks with other Dj's and the ass shaking crowd in general. One thing is for sure, Seidensticker & Salour's track selection and their dub influenced sound have been known to satisfy all hedonistic impulses one may have.

The duo have recently started a party called 'Dance For Fans' in hamburg. The concept is for a range of local events to spread innovation into the local club environment and inside clubbers into a new vision .

After their releases on Einmaleins Musik & FormResonance the two tracker "Katzenjammer is the next step.

..And this is what we consider a good release, the mythical convex of underground and

its definite search between labels and real artists. This connection between URSL Records and the magic cadence of the duo results in rare release combining a taste of deep appealing and „sexy“ grooving in a musically shaped tapestry that defines all their productions and enriches any listener’s experience. It’s not supposed to be a mere music, it’s supposed to be a all-in melodic trip, a delicate „enchantément“ of cadency trough fusions and snippets that outcome to become real music, which defines real musicians.

"Early in the morning " is pure deepness art and a perfect, delightfull listening, ready to take the ears by its gentle touch and keep pushing forward to a pretty quiet and blissfull trip along the way, translating itself as the official soundtrack to any warmup or enjoyable after-party as its name says!

"Midnight Tar" is brilliant crescent, growing cadenced music, or defining it better, -something never fair-, a peak galloping track, in a cresty chrome of a delusive and charismatic cyclic sound, fusioning different instruments that create a personality unique which outcomes as a bomb with understatement.

This music with sensuous melodic and harmonious sounds are of gentlement to gentlemen. From music lovers to lovers.

Seidensticker & Salour.


A1 - Early In The Morning

B1 - Midnight Tar

Release Date: Around Next Days... | Available on www.decks.de | Info: http://www.ursl-records.com/


Seidensticker & Salour- Katzenjammer EP by minimaland

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