Seidensticker & Salour - Katzenjammer EP

Seidensticker & Salour (Jakob Seidensticker & Bardia Salour) are a name that’s becoming really familiar to us. Or, well, maybe is just our ears that are becoming enlightned by its intrincate and energized tapestry of sound construction, who knows, is just something that is explained perfectly looking upon a fast backward to these both artists biography.

While Bardia is a local hamburg dj and music connoisseur with great influence on the whole hamburg scene for years now, Jakob Seidensticker is a essential part on the internationally respected Wareika trio, releasing in labels we love and as known like Perlon, Circus Company, Eskimo and being well acclaimed internationally.

After Dj'ing in various clubs and locations , they have finally found their base at the'fulmina

nt' EGO club in hamburg where they share their tracks with other Dj's and the ass shaking crowd in general. One thing is for sure, Seidensticker & Salour's track selection and their dub influenced sound have been known to satisfy all hedonistic impulses one may have.

The duo have recently started a party called 'Dance For Fans' in hamburg. The concept is for a range of local events to spread innovation into the local club environment and inside clubbers into a new vision .

After their releases on Einmaleins Musik & FormResonance the two tracker "Katzenjammer is the next step.

..And this is what we consider a good release, the mythical convex of underground and

its definite search between labels and real artists. This connection between URSL Records and the magic cadence of the duo results in rare release combining a taste of deep appealing and „sexy“ grooving in a musically shaped tapestry that defines all their productions and enriches any listener’s experience. It’s not supposed to be a mere music, it’s supposed to be a all-in melodic trip, a delicate „enchantément“ of cadency trough fusions and snippets that outcome to become real music, which defines real musicians.

"Early in the morning " is pure deepness art and a perfect, delightfull listening, ready to take the ears by its gentle touch and keep pushing forward to a pretty quiet and blissfull trip along the way, translating itself as the official soundtrack to any warmup or enjoyable after-party as its name says!

"Midnight Tar" is brilliant crescent, growing cadenced music, or defining it better, -something never fair-, a peak galloping track, in a cresty chrome of a delusive and charismatic cyclic sound, fusioning different instruments that create a personality unique which outcomes as a bomb with understatement.

This music with sensuous melodic and harmonious sounds are of gentlement to gentlemen. From music lovers to lovers.

Seidensticker & Salour.


A1 - Early In The Morning

B1 - Midnight Tar

Release Date: Around Next Days... | Available on www.decks.de | Info: http://www.ursl-records.com/


Seidensticker & Salour- Katzenjammer EP by minimaland

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