Patrick Zigon - The Alpha State

Patrick Zigon’s "The Alpha State" is a return to his Slovenian origins and roots, releasing it through Danza Macabra Records, a collaboration that begun with remixes for Danza Macabra duo (Martin Rojnik and Edin čuturić ) and became a strong friendship since they’re bonded not only by their fellowship roots but also by common thoughts and essence about the surrounding world.

“Alpha State” can be defined as an hypnotic guide through his deep and colourful world of electronic music. After many years of heavy releasing and remixing, Patrick took a time-out, locked himself into his studio to reinvent himself and putted all his clear energy and creativity into his very first artist album. More than one year of hard work, sleepless nights and extensive sound design resulted in a thrilling journey of overall 13 tracks, and a tight bond connection with Patrick’s creativity in a live-act on stage. Call it Patrick’s first intentional musical monument which came after several years of hard work till the point of a zenith on his career. A work he decided to call “Alpha State”.

Round, complete, meshed up in a sublime frequency of rhythms and grooved ranges, denoting an upper level quality in production frequencies only to be achieved by a few bunch of producers. Every play, every rhythm, intends to transmit something, defining an essence of soul and a glimpse of perfection. It covers a boiling harmony, a detailed texture that speaks

directly to extreme inner senses and awareness, brilliantly produced, patterned and detailed, therefore, a pleasure every time “play” is pressed. Senses and feelings are veined in a cushioned crystalline sound all around the album, an iridescent level of the “Alpha State” Patrick’s achieved during his closing and meditation that resulted in this masterpiece of art. An amber feeling emanates, and the polished final result outcomes as one of those that fit the bag of the best dj and the home of the simplest listener easily, and that’s the tiny line which normally separates an ordinary work from a masterpiece.

The way it haves a track for each mood, each one on its patterns and voyages, spatially fitting any place, anyone, anywhere. Thumping and roaring basslines embrace delicate melodies, as well as clashed snares and hi-hats recycle and intricate continuously with sinuous patterns of low frequency construction, where perfection seems an easy word to apply when describing it. It’s as if we could transform sounds in odours, in senses, in feelings, where a fresh scent perfume can be felt through a higher state of consciousness spiritualism, feeling achieved as long as it slowly starts to work all around sensibilities and emotions, characteristic shaped by a clear creative intention of taking things to another level. The Alpha State level.

For this he has not only brought himself into the Alpha State, he welcomed diverse non-electronic guest musicians in his Traumraum studio to pair their talents with his infectious electronic grooves. But it’s not only the dope Ragga vibes of Caramelo Criminal, the captivating vocals from Cassis, the muted trump

"The Alpha State" is personally handmade, spiritual, soulful, hypnotic, grooved and patterned timeless electronic music. It’s an album which grows slowly in a wide comprehension of senses and perceptions, leaving a lot to discover and journey on each play and each listening. Even after many listening sessions it’s possible to find something new and exciting, appealing deeply inside inner senses. The tricky live drums of The DisDrumMachine and the German voice of Goldkehlchen that make this album the most artistic piece of music to date on Danza Macabra Records, but also Patrick’s ever-loved collaborations with co-producers and friends like Paulo Olarte, Mark Ash and Sven Palzer. Because the Alpha State is a state he embraces with more artists, l
ast, but not least, the Danza Macabra Duo, propeller of this masterpiece through their label, decided to give their expressive “Momento Magico” view, and give it a proper slap of Danza Macabra expressive harmonies.

It’s a masterpiece produced and made for eclectic clubbers and a special core of awarened home listeners in order to take them to another state, their inner core “Alpha State”.

Definitely album of the month and undoubtly one of the best releases of this year.

Full support, amazing masterpiece!

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