David Mayer - Moment EP

No better title than "Moment" to name this EP. We've been already following Keinemusik for a while in soundcloud, and after our post absence over this last year, we were just expecting the right moment to refer this wonderfull label. So, the moment is now!

By the hands of David Mayer, who released the first Keinemusik and on other labels like Paso Music, we were just thinking "right, this guy haves everything we like, let's expect the right time to promote him a little", and, it seems this is the right moment to do it!

What a release!! It only haves two tracks, but both of them are complete masterpieces! Who likes big kicks, clean cuts and lots of personality in a track, well, this is the right release! There's something about this release that makes it very personal on the first listening. It attaches immediately to your ear and the it's really a hard task to press stop, it's only repeat, repeat, repeat!! Its very wide and there's defintely a clear protruding of charisma emaning from it. First track, "Moment" it's clearly a veined "tech-trippy" track, streamlined along detail and contoured details, it haves a depth of groove very hard to describe. Please hit "play" on the player below to understand what I'm referring to. and please... enjoy the moment!
As we flip side, there's "Word is Bond", and this is the point we really consider David has something clear when naming a track, this means since the beggining the track was already baptized! What better name to this track other than "Word is Bond"? Yes, there's a old school vocal, working along the track, rolling along the groove, connecting, reminding, pointing a direction to the end. And 'till the end is a complete delight of melodious catch, bubbling hats and deep grooves.
But there's notting better than checking for yourself and give it a listen. I ensure it'll make your day, it made mine!

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