EDA - You're Kidding Me EP

With a hilarious artwork and a jokeful name, Unplëased Records delivers its second release, by EDA, trying to start kidding with Us!

After several years of experimentation in the modern music field, They based in South of France decided to establish its musical label in 2010. First of all partner with its artists, Unplëased Records turns into a global project under the name Unplëased Music Experience uniting by electronic music label, management and booking.

Emergent young artist, EDA experiences and evolves to an
underground house music that is far removed from standardization. Skilful and inventive his different releases on European music labels as Piso, Smallroom, Genesa ou Fach prove it but don‘t look like at his actual music universe.
EDA presents to you with „You‘re kidding me“ a gilded deluge from an exalting Deep House and constitutes a fine example of his skills and talent. More attention is needed in the future!

The first track "Love Worn“ boots itself by a bully and unremittingly rhythmic just before a bass line with sample of old music notes will never let us down again. A prime element adds it, a funk vocal, rich and percussive braids and loosens for being with the stream of interludes the maestro who dips us into the topography of piece.

"You“ meanwhile is more homogenous in its construction but whose musical elements sets type it are stoutly underground. The gloomy bassline joins in a resonant melting pot where keyboards and soul voice apply color to warmly the track. To fly by a long percussion breaks of use linking and to stuff of influences from the music of black Americans. "You“ contains in itself the real essence of the underground house music.

Organic, "You‘re Kidding Me“ is made with instinct and acuteness, making our smooth groove of today an easy listening achievement!

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