Marc Antona - Rules Of Madness

It's been a while.. Hi there!

So, nothing better to mark my "post return" than this amazing first album by Marc Antona on his own imprint, Dissonant Records!

We became astonished by this album, such a masterpiece is a rare achievement. Well, in fact, it doesn't really surprised us, Marc's movements and way of doing things around this "scene" are undoubtly class A ones. He were already followers of a label he had a finger on, "Micro-Fibres", and if there was a thing that really differenced that label was the quality of the releases. Names like Re-Up were raisen in those headquarters of quality productions and this was a characteristic that always surrounded Marc and all his efforts. Doesn't need a mention as well his impressive live performances and the way some of his charisma becomes clear in all his productions and his huge support from "Mr Cadenza" himself, Luciano.
However, it seems that on this label project, Dissonant, also run by him, as if quality wasn't enough, there's even more quality in every release! Since it "opened doors", we've been cherished with amazing releases by Marc himself and Re-Up (aka OEL & Polygon) that were among the best releases and played until vinyl was wasted by big names.

So, coming to what matters, away from lots of words, here's our consideration on this release. It's absolutely a dancefloor killer, uplifiting tribal mumbling patterns and lots and lots of energy to deliver along some cadence that just adds excellence. If U're a dj, ready to hit a dancefloor and put all the people jumping and smiling, this is the right weapon for you! It haves other moods, this is a very round album, and in all the frequency achieved, it's only a matter of picking the one that you feel suitable! If you follow us, for sure you'll have one in this album!

So, in the end, driving yourself to a powered listening, we refer "All against the law", "Crunch To Pulp" or "Fast Track". If you wanna play more deeply, then you have "Illegal", "The Hammock Spider History" or "Last Taboo".
Anyway, there's one for everybody and in the end, any of them are just brilliant masterpieces. It was undoubtly, one of the best albums that reached our hands.
F*ckin' Brilliant.

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