Rodriguez Jr. - Bittersweet EP

Released in the 5th of September of 2011, among so much good stuff arriving our headquarters this month, we almost forgotten to mention this amazing release that's supposed to be a glimpse of Rodriguez Jr. first album, also on Mobilee.

From Mobilee, needless to say, established by Anja Schneider and runned by Anja herself and Ralf Kollman, nothing except quality in every release. It's one of those cases where you see it coming and think "this is damn good" when you didn't even listened to it! From the roost we can mention Pan-Pot or Sebo K, but that's only a minor detail, it's indeed a label we cherish alot overhere. They have their way of doing things, and that way is quality, charisma and essence!

So, applying more words about Rodriguez Jr., Mobilee or anything related to this crew is just wasting letters and space overhere, there's not even the need to reinforce all our thinking about all this.

"Bittersweet" EP is here to remind Us there's a big album on the way, and what better way to remind than releasing some very nice tracks to put some "pepper" on the teaser stuff? It's not bitter, can assure that, it's more sweet "รก la Rodriguez Jr." way! "Bittersweet" works pretty well, teases everything in a soft and smooth way, one of those tracks simply perfect to began with. Then comes "Music Don't Lie feat. Cari Golden", and well, them both don't lie about the fact Rodriguez Jr. is on a good peak of production and that Cari Golden is becoming one of the most sensual and smoothful piercing voices on the scene, undoubtly! Then comes "Massilia", maybe my pick from this EP, so beautiful, so polished and sculptured among mid synth frequencies that deliver a trippy happiness feeling, resuming, one of those to keep an eye in the sun rising! To close this "teaser" in the better way, why not "Bagpipe Woman", to joke a little bit on the scene and just put a deep smile on your face? Let's face it, an amazing and round release, featuring a sexy voice... no more words needed about this!

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