Michael Knop - Weak Chin EP

If you're into powerfull and uplifiting stuff, this is the man you have to put an eye on!

Michael Knop, after two releases with our friends at Meleon, now delivers this techno sided production on one of our favorite labels: Resopal Schallware! What to expect from this "young promise" and such a label? Nothing except huge loads of quality and mumbling sounds, booming anything since you it play button. Full of soothing sounds and wicked grooves, this is the right release to look for when the crowd still haves some good leg energy to spend in a powerfull journey!

So, coming down to the tracks, first, "Drop In" does what you expect after some time, really drops in huge loads of bassline. wicked. Second track, "this Night" makes things more classy style, still that Knop bassline (will call it like that from now on), heavily compressed keeps on the base to all the track progression and construction, whooping a listener with it. So, nothing better to the end of this EP than "Over and Over".. yeah, Knop Bassline over and over, heavy, destructive and outragiously bubbling, keeping the listener energized over and over, not giving any chance. That's how things work with Michael, there's no mercy, once you start, you just cannot stop and make a weak chin.. Proper Techno release.

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