The Vegetable Orchestra - The Remix Conclusion

The final release of The Vegetable Orchestra Remixes edition is finally here. After three previous editions with invited artists like Villalobos, Luciano, Oliver Hacke and Gabriel Ananda, among others, it's time to present the point views of more three fabulous producers. The remix conclusion leaves us with a tear in our eyes... all this previous editions were fabulous and knowing they are ending is sad! Frank Martiniq, a guy that has been very quiet this year, stars the album with an amazing work. This music has a certain thing that catches me, it's quiet and smooth and all the things are done with a unique taste. Martiniq never disappoint us, you can count on that. Just let yourself drive along with this great journey. Anja Schneider goes next remixing "Carrot Cuts" and i was expecting things a little harder from her but instead of doing that, the girl from Berlin went through deep and dark steps fitting well to what usually are Karmarouge lines of selection. Sian also does a pretty good job... a wicked beat in a deep solid structure! This is the finest art of doing music, the simplicity of procedures of this step by step productions will continuously getting you into another state of mind. Excellent choice of cards to complete this classical edition of remixes. Enjoy!

a1 - Dandelion Goes Deeper (Frank Martiniq remix)
b1 - Carrot Cuts (Anja Schneider remix)
b2 - Secret Garden (Sian remix)


Smash TV - Locomotive Breath

Smash TV (Holger Zilske & Michael Schmidt) have been performing, mostly on Bpitch Control, since 2001. So they aren't exactly new comers to the scene. I always listen their releases but the music usually don't fit to my kind of taste, despite all the quality and geniality present in all of their productions. Locomotive Breath is, for the first time, an Ep that i like from the beginning till the end. It's a very catchy music that goes exploring different environments during it. I cannot pass this without mention the great construction inputed into it... sound by sound, it goes growing smoothly to alternative spaces. Both musics are great but "Breath Me" is my favorite. The design of the music is awesome, the piano chords makes it dark minded but always with a peaceful posture. Listen it carefully and feel inspired by it. This Ep is a perfect example that things don't have to be as the rules say... different spaces must be explored so you can mark the difference. Smash TV are genuine and pure and surely deserve my great respect!

a1 - Locomotive Breath
b1 - Breath Me

Bloody Mary vs. Sierra Sam - Spielbank EP

Einmaleins32 has just arrived. Composed by two fresh musics, both great to a good party. After the fine work produced by Carina Lohmeyer aka Souki (Einmaleins 031) now it's the time of two new producers to work in this label: Bloody Mary (has left a quite remarkable ep at Sender Records) and Sierra man (one of the founders of Toys for Boys label). The first music Black Jack has inumerous details on three basic steps. Very simple music will all the ingredients required. Baccara meets itself in a journey dominated by the simple spiritualitys, but both music are very similar in it's quite solid minimal style

Label: Einmaleins
Catalog#: Einmaleins032

a1 - black jack
b1 - baccara


Deadbeat - Take Me Back To London Town

With a quite suggestive name Deadbeat is my choice for today. This guy is based at Montreal, Canada and has a huge background behind him. I'd already liked his previous work at Wagon Repair "Eastward on to Mecca" and this new release definitely expresses all of his geniality and skills among the minimal world. The Ep starts with the groovy "Heathrow Express", a pumpy track with a great flow. A few acid elements, Detroit neurotic style, and here we go to another dancefloor success. After a few hearings of this one you will understand all its potential. "Bubble and Squeak" presents another style of music, traveling to a more exquisite world. I would say that this would be a turn on to guys like Luciano or Villa because it has all the requirements they normally input in their charts. A great minimal journey able to eat your brains up. Finally "The Heckler" finalizes this tremendous work going back to a groovy rhythm reminding the old school flavors that I appreciate a lot. A nice track for a sunny Saturday afternoon. Released by Cynosure. Be aware for his next work, this time on Cadenza Records.

a1 - Heathrow Express
b1 - Bubble and Squeak
b2 - The Heckler


Alejandro Vivanco - Rojo Pomodoro Ep

Just after a great debut by the hand of the "paisano" Chilean producer luciano, on his Cadenza records, Alejandro Vivanco returns with a vinyl "printed" on the also Chilean based Label Andes Music.. Madre Tierra, no Alejandro? :)
In this I must give the shining stars to my fellow Hugo, cause he posted his release on Cadenza, and for the readers of the minimaland it's quite of knowed hugo's ability to follow the new paths by is own. or not?
This only to say that this Ep breaks the dishes.. or explodes the cabin.. or gives the blow.. whatever u want, is near perfection! I really think I've eared the first one on a Villalobos set from some weeks ago in Razzmatazz. The first one, as now you may think, it's hypnotic, tribal, clashy, weirded tribal sounds, just at his style. I will not say how you ppl will use it, but for sure I'll say to use it!
The second from the Ep, Anthony Collins remix, goes also on the melodic tribal sounds path, clashed, and for sure a remix that loses the hypnotic but gains more the continuity.
By the end things go again insane on the digitaline remix, with that kind of sound that suites a great performance. On a dancefloor you flip with this remix and the original. It stands out.
A great release :D

Label: Andes Music
Catalog: ANDES003



And.Id - One is Not Enough

After a month, Mobilee comes to present a new album. This time is the greek Andreas Dimitriadis aka And.Id, who after launched great works on labels like Thinner or Ware, comes now to dignify the name of this german label. We can also enjoy the done work by Anja Schneider, in a great album "Beyond the Valley", introducted like week sugestion... Back to Andreas Dimitriadis work, making a fantastic ep including two songs. "One is not enough" it's a very shiny minimal, very like Mobilee style, with his very own personalized rhythm and a milimetric grow measure, small ultralight rays infractions, a song with a big spirit full of surprises, with two really particular souls. "The Island", a deep-minimal with a regular presence of small melodies kind of And.Id styles, very paused and definity enraised on mobilee scene.

Label: Mobilee
Catalog#: mobilee035

a1 - one is not enough
b1 - the island


Frank Kusserow - Atomsplit /The Core

Two amazing tracks composes this production from Germany!
Both tracks have a good bassline, and a lot of efects, i think they really will move the dancefloor...
Sincerly i never hear no one talk about this producer, but he do a really good job, congrats for Frank Kusserow....

Use that to keep the dancefloor on top.

A1.The Core


Souki - 4 Faces Ep

..Promises on the horizon landscaped land..

Carina “Sissy” Lohmeyer, aka Souki, is a 23 year old girl . my first comment goes to the 1984 season, seems to be of excellent wines and people tuned in good synth lines ;)

She edits the 4 faces Ep on Einmaleins musik, label based since 2004 in Berlin, Germany. It's familiar to me cause they have supported and "discovered"artists with big names on today's Minimal/Tech scene (like ryan crosson or Pan Pot), and it really seems they have a good "scouting" (In fact I believe they move their underground scene and get direct quality responses and benefits).

The first track, a1 Odins Crash Test, it's a bassline insane disconnection combined together with a "silly" well aged minimal tricks in the mid/hi frequency. Souki makes a point, by saying "I know the roots", lol. Well explored the entering of the best part, with a good delay (A little less was not so bad too) and special attention to details and way changings.
The second, a2 Continue, really "glued" me on it. Until the 3 minutes goes bass/hi as if nothing happens, only with a small show up, and then comes a worked pause (Souki likes a pause!) to a contagious hypnotic drive that sins for the short amount of time it lasts. Still, it evolves again and takes you till the end by hand. One of the best tracks I've heared the last year (even after a villalobos session!) and I really expect Continue to be continued!
Finally, b1 Hausmeister Gordon (Lazy mouth rmx,), it's not for sure the black sheep in this Ep. Again, 4 Faces Ep shows you quality, and it's a driving one, that keeps the same record without mantaining it. Goes great, very simple but driver. It's glue again, but that kind of one that sticks you gently trough it's way.

Again, really really great Ep, with a track that fits every moment of "Minimal land" performance, or to simply hear and delight at home :D .

I'm in Luv with you, Souki!!!.. See u there, in our land, the Minimal Land ;)

Einmaleins 031; Rls. 03/2008; Einmaleins 031

My My - Southbound

My My are surely one of my favorite producers. The boys from playhouse - Lee Jones (producer of "Aria", far from doubts, already one of the eps of the year) and Nicolas Hoppner - got together, for the first time this year to produce a classic release! This is the kind of music that can change moods, able to give a great environment to where ever it plays. "Southbound" is a groovy track with a nice deep beat and great chords marking the pace. You will surely recognize all the normal standards that My My uses to develop in this track... great work. "Pink Flamingos", in the b side, follows through different steps. With a great set of deep drum rhythms this turns out to be a more relaxing work. I love this kind of productions of this duo. It's a great way to spend a wonderful afternoon in great vibes. Music to enjoy your finest moments... released by Ostgut Ton, from Germany

a1 - Southbound
b1 - Pink Flamingos


Mathias Kaden - Lucidas EP

Minimal Monday

Label: Freude Am Tanzen
Catalog#: FAT 035

a1 - swahili
b1 - lucidas
b2 - saloee


Misc. - Detuned

After Sabotage Ep on February at Sender Records, Misc. is back with another Detonation! The duo Christopher Bleckmann & Hannes Wenner, from Bremen, are betting on wicked sounds on all of their productions. Misc. isn't like everyone else, they have their own kind of music, their little bugged world! I'll start with my favourite, on the B side "Rotorik"presents you an explosion of minimal acid techno very well done! This might eat your brain up a bit but it's worth it! Non stopping rhythm in an complete hallucinated music. "Detuned" steps out of the techno to go electro! This is more comercial but it's also a nice music, step by step like we like it, it won't fail on you in the dancefloors! A rough twisted Ep launched by Hidden Agenda. Not an easy one, hope you like it!

a1 - Detuned
b1 - Rotorik

Joseph Capriati & Matteo Spedicati - Giallo Canarino

Joseph Capriati again on top, but this time in double with Matteo Spedicati, fantastic realease!
Three minimal tracks composes this great ep, and it was recorded by CMYK Musik, a techno label based in Madrid, Spain.

Enjoy it, it`s great...


A1.- Dos De Picas (Original Mix)
B1. - Candysucker (Original Mix)
B2. - Aurora Boreale (Original Mix)


Alex Neri & Marco Solforetti, Ilario Alicante - Birdy

Great release from Tenax Recordings, this ep is composed by two incredible tracks destinated with their heath to warm up any dancefloor it will be played at.
Booth tracks are allready played by great dj`s, like, Ricardo Vilallobos; Luciano; Davide Squillace; Massi Dl and Mattias Tanzmann.
But it`s difficult for me choose the best one, but i think the "Vacaciones En Chile" will be a minimal dancefloor HIT.

A1.Alex Neri & Marco Solforetti - Birdy
Ilario Alicante - Vacaciones En Chile

Here we can see some videos with the second music:
.Luciano and Locodice play "Vacaciones En Chile" in a Cocoon party,
.Davide Squillace play "Vacaciones en Chile" in a live set party,
.Alex Neri opening TNX party with "Vacaciones En Chile".


Tigerskin - Non Chalant

After a few time, Tigerskin back to minimaland, this time through a work edited by Absurd Recordings. Non Chalant, a trip to the spiritual world, composed by "two chords" stepping out the essential of the music and than off course the 4by4 making it balance in a more temperate way. The remix of Dave DK shows the little steps running through before the main point of the music.
This time more dançable, with an accelerated rhythm and fine breaks... a fine remix. I'm sorry , i can't hear "naked"(only in digital format) where you can appreciate a shiny minimal with that fenomenal grow, rought and tough entrances and a melodie as minimal as it's own rhythm. Great Work Realised by this man, that have made us dance a lot in Porto.

Label: Absurd Recordings


Matt John - Teleparty

Mattias John makes his own label debut - Holographic Island - with this nice 3 track ep. I'm always informed of his new releases cause i like his way of doing things. He has a different way of doing music, a perfect knowledge of minimal standards and great quality and amusement on his tracks. The a side with "Boing Highfly" is the perfect example of it, classic stuff! This is not techy music, its MINIMAL, at it's highest level!:) The b side brings "Cockpit" power, a music with great intensity and a strange (but nice) choice of samples. "Teleparty", the last one, smooths down the things again... a rather acid and wicked music! The best you have to do is listen it repeatedly and explore it the best you can.


a1 - Boing Highfly (Let Me Hupe mix)
b1 - Cockpit
b2 - Teleparty

minimize 08.2

here what's I've been listening this past month
mnmland suggests:

Anthony Collins - Bombay Strings
Delete & Baffa - Palo de Agua
Skoozbot - Two Over the Eight
Henry Saiz - Vancouver (Marc Marzenit rmx)
Daniel Mehlhart - Kamasutra
Ron Flatter - Kinkerlitz
Gel Abril - Your Face is a Mess (Mark Broom rmx)
Spektre - Flux
Suokas - Malmo
Justus Kohncke - Yacht
3 Channels & Reynold - Macho Lato
Holgi Star - Star & Sternchen

Bonus: Jay Haze & Ricardo Villalobos - Free Ride


Minilogue - Jamaica Ep

It goes through you and passes over you.
It's kind of a Reminder of some days, the better days :)

I will not give anymore information about Minilogue, I believe if you want, you'll just search the references on the internet, it's only data,lol!
Only have to say that this guy brings always the simplicity above, what else? Then.... well, just eats your neurons progressively :) in a powered.. Jamaica.

And a desynchronized rhythm in encounter with a "electronic harmony", peaceful music.. Totally the opposite of Jamaica. A melodic drive.. i'ts Hispaniola.
Simply, Jamaica Ep is the power and the after hours :D

Cocoon Recordings http://www.cocoon.net/
COR 12 044-6/Rls. 29/02

Trentemøller - Miss You

I think i don`t need to say anythink about this tracks...
Just listen and then make your conclusions!

All tracks are apropriated to be played in the end of the set.
Side Effects:
I sure that makes the people don`t forguet you anymore.

1.Miss You (Trentemoller Remix Radio Edit)
2.Miss You (Original Version Radio Edit)
3.Miss You (Trentemoller Remix)
4.Miss You (Pole Remix)
5.Miss You (Pascal F.E.O.S. Remix)
6.Miss You (Lulu Rouge Feat Asger Baden Remix)
7.Miss You (Album Version)

Chaim - Moon

This great work was produced by the "big" Chaim with the help of BPitch Control.
This amazing ep it`s composed with two fantastic tracks, and i believe both are ready to make the floor move!

Let your soul move between the beats...

B1.Wednesday June

Joseph Capriati - Don't Poison A Sleeping Dog

Third release for the young Neapolitan label of the electrocasbah crew, Casbah.
Two deep and minimal tracks from the young Neapolitan talent Joseph Capriati, who's fan is the king of techno Richie Hawtin! "Chanuro" and "My dog is not black" are two pearls ready to pump the dance floors of al the world.
Super remix by Jorge Savoretti, the "intellectual" of the Argentinean scene, a perfect trip for the ideal after hours!
Great work.

A2.My Dog Is Not Black
B1.Chanuro(Jorge Savoretti Remix)

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