Souki - 4 Faces Ep

..Promises on the horizon landscaped land..

Carina “Sissy” Lohmeyer, aka Souki, is a 23 year old girl . my first comment goes to the 1984 season, seems to be of excellent wines and people tuned in good synth lines ;)

She edits the 4 faces Ep on Einmaleins musik, label based since 2004 in Berlin, Germany. It's familiar to me cause they have supported and "discovered"artists with big names on today's Minimal/Tech scene (like ryan crosson or Pan Pot), and it really seems they have a good "scouting" (In fact I believe they move their underground scene and get direct quality responses and benefits).

The first track, a1 Odins Crash Test, it's a bassline insane disconnection combined together with a "silly" well aged minimal tricks in the mid/hi frequency. Souki makes a point, by saying "I know the roots", lol. Well explored the entering of the best part, with a good delay (A little less was not so bad too) and special attention to details and way changings.
The second, a2 Continue, really "glued" me on it. Until the 3 minutes goes bass/hi as if nothing happens, only with a small show up, and then comes a worked pause (Souki likes a pause!) to a contagious hypnotic drive that sins for the short amount of time it lasts. Still, it evolves again and takes you till the end by hand. One of the best tracks I've heared the last year (even after a villalobos session!) and I really expect Continue to be continued!
Finally, b1 Hausmeister Gordon (Lazy mouth rmx,), it's not for sure the black sheep in this Ep. Again, 4 Faces Ep shows you quality, and it's a driving one, that keeps the same record without mantaining it. Goes great, very simple but driver. It's glue again, but that kind of one that sticks you gently trough it's way.

Again, really really great Ep, with a track that fits every moment of "Minimal land" performance, or to simply hear and delight at home :D .

I'm in Luv with you, Souki!!!.. See u there, in our land, the Minimal Land ;)

Einmaleins 031; Rls. 03/2008; Einmaleins 031

1 comment:

francis canadas said...

Einmaleins, essa grand editora..
como costumo dizer, um EP bem engraçado. Muito bem sr. florzinha...
Boa sorte por esses lados estrangeirados.
grand abraço.

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