Misc. - Detuned

After Sabotage Ep on February at Sender Records, Misc. is back with another Detonation! The duo Christopher Bleckmann & Hannes Wenner, from Bremen, are betting on wicked sounds on all of their productions. Misc. isn't like everyone else, they have their own kind of music, their little bugged world! I'll start with my favourite, on the B side "Rotorik"presents you an explosion of minimal acid techno very well done! This might eat your brain up a bit but it's worth it! Non stopping rhythm in an complete hallucinated music. "Detuned" steps out of the techno to go electro! This is more comercial but it's also a nice music, step by step like we like it, it won't fail on you in the dancefloors! A rough twisted Ep launched by Hidden Agenda. Not an easy one, hope you like it!

a1 - Detuned
b1 - Rotorik

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SortidO said...

GREAT ep my friend ;)

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