Tigerskin - Non Chalant

After a few time, Tigerskin back to minimaland, this time through a work edited by Absurd Recordings. Non Chalant, a trip to the spiritual world, composed by "two chords" stepping out the essential of the music and than off course the 4by4 making it balance in a more temperate way. The remix of Dave DK shows the little steps running through before the main point of the music.
This time more dançable, with an accelerated rhythm and fine breaks... a fine remix. I'm sorry , i can't hear "naked"(only in digital format) where you can appreciate a shiny minimal with that fenomenal grow, rought and tough entrances and a melodie as minimal as it's own rhythm. Great Work Realised by this man, that have made us dance a lot in Porto.

Label: Absurd Recordings

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