Matt John - Teleparty

Mattias John makes his own label debut - Holographic Island - with this nice 3 track ep. I'm always informed of his new releases cause i like his way of doing things. He has a different way of doing music, a perfect knowledge of minimal standards and great quality and amusement on his tracks. The a side with "Boing Highfly" is the perfect example of it, classic stuff! This is not techy music, its MINIMAL, at it's highest level!:) The b side brings "Cockpit" power, a music with great intensity and a strange (but nice) choice of samples. "Teleparty", the last one, smooths down the things again... a rather acid and wicked music! The best you have to do is listen it repeatedly and explore it the best you can.


a1 - Boing Highfly (Let Me Hupe mix)
b1 - Cockpit
b2 - Teleparty

1 comment:

Flow said...

Dude, isn't it a recycling of the Rising Scope in the Joker park family Ep? ;)
same opinion on the best track, but the jota says: "I'm shiting on you"


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