My My - Southbound

My My are surely one of my favorite producers. The boys from playhouse - Lee Jones (producer of "Aria", far from doubts, already one of the eps of the year) and Nicolas Hoppner - got together, for the first time this year to produce a classic release! This is the kind of music that can change moods, able to give a great environment to where ever it plays. "Southbound" is a groovy track with a nice deep beat and great chords marking the pace. You will surely recognize all the normal standards that My My uses to develop in this track... great work. "Pink Flamingos", in the b side, follows through different steps. With a great set of deep drum rhythms this turns out to be a more relaxing work. I love this kind of productions of this duo. It's a great way to spend a wonderful afternoon in great vibes. Music to enjoy your finest moments... released by Ostgut Ton, from Germany

a1 - Southbound
b1 - Pink Flamingos


Anexado said...

esta Pink Flamingos, está qualquer coisa. Great Work

SortidO said...

Resident Advisor make the review of the ep this week, congrats great bozzz...


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