Smash TV - Locomotive Breath

Smash TV (Holger Zilske & Michael Schmidt) have been performing, mostly on Bpitch Control, since 2001. So they aren't exactly new comers to the scene. I always listen their releases but the music usually don't fit to my kind of taste, despite all the quality and geniality present in all of their productions. Locomotive Breath is, for the first time, an Ep that i like from the beginning till the end. It's a very catchy music that goes exploring different environments during it. I cannot pass this without mention the great construction inputed into it... sound by sound, it goes growing smoothly to alternative spaces. Both musics are great but "Breath Me" is my favorite. The design of the music is awesome, the piano chords makes it dark minded but always with a peaceful posture. Listen it carefully and feel inspired by it. This Ep is a perfect example that things don't have to be as the rules say... different spaces must be explored so you can mark the difference. Smash TV are genuine and pure and surely deserve my great respect!

a1 - Locomotive Breath
b1 - Breath Me

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