Alejandro Vivanco - Rojo Pomodoro Ep

Just after a great debut by the hand of the "paisano" Chilean producer luciano, on his Cadenza records, Alejandro Vivanco returns with a vinyl "printed" on the also Chilean based Label Andes Music.. Madre Tierra, no Alejandro? :)
In this I must give the shining stars to my fellow Hugo, cause he posted his release on Cadenza, and for the readers of the minimaland it's quite of knowed hugo's ability to follow the new paths by is own. or not?
This only to say that this Ep breaks the dishes.. or explodes the cabin.. or gives the blow.. whatever u want, is near perfection! I really think I've eared the first one on a Villalobos set from some weeks ago in Razzmatazz. The first one, as now you may think, it's hypnotic, tribal, clashy, weirded tribal sounds, just at his style. I will not say how you ppl will use it, but for sure I'll say to use it!
The second from the Ep, Anthony Collins remix, goes also on the melodic tribal sounds path, clashed, and for sure a remix that loses the hypnotic but gains more the continuity.
By the end things go again insane on the digitaline remix, with that kind of sound that suites a great performance. On a dancefloor you flip with this remix and the original. It stands out.
A great release :D

Label: Andes Music
Catalog: ANDES003


1 comment:

hugo said...

mt bom! A original parte, chillean style e dps o remix de a collins é brilhante! Fode-te flow*

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