And.Id - One is Not Enough

After a month, Mobilee comes to present a new album. This time is the greek Andreas Dimitriadis aka And.Id, who after launched great works on labels like Thinner or Ware, comes now to dignify the name of this german label. We can also enjoy the done work by Anja Schneider, in a great album "Beyond the Valley", introducted like week sugestion... Back to Andreas Dimitriadis work, making a fantastic ep including two songs. "One is not enough" it's a very shiny minimal, very like Mobilee style, with his very own personalized rhythm and a milimetric grow measure, small ultralight rays infractions, a song with a big spirit full of surprises, with two really particular souls. "The Island", a deep-minimal with a regular presence of small melodies kind of And.Id styles, very paused and definity enraised on mobilee scene.

Label: Mobilee
Catalog#: mobilee035

a1 - one is not enough
b1 - the island

1 comment:

hugo said...

a ilha é poderosa! f*cking And.ID

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