Hrdvision - The Mohana

Wagon Repair’s first release past the 50 benchmark offers a look at long time partner Hrdvsion’s latest works of chopped melody and effervescent invention. Opener ‘The Mohana’ explores a central chord progression with intermittent squeaked melodic static, reverberant pad echoes and crisp swinging percussion. A pragmatic animal, dueling hook lines dance, transform and compete for attention between pounded kick and hat in one of Hrdvsion’s most floor ready tracks to date. B side ‘ Sliding Into Air (Edit)’ takes matters ten clicks deeper as soaked pads loom forebodingly over lively harmonic sparks. An exercise in volume and dynamics, melodic holes are punched through a compressed mix, their impact adding profound rhythm to the already infectious percussive motor. Epic and uncompromising, ‘Sliding Into Air’ is a violently graphic alternative to its meeker techno cousins. ‘Sliding Into Air (Live)’ , which will only be available in digital format, offers a different shade to its aggressive original, with melodic and percussive variations adding definition to the tracks monolithic pads and mix meddling dynamics.

Minimaland Feedback: After their 50th smashing release, Wagon Repair continues to surprise us, this time with Hrdvsion on the decks. Tech pumpy minimal to make the dancefloors go mad! Full support to “The Mohana”

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a1 - The Mohana
b1 - Sliding Into Air
Digital Only – Sliding Into Air (Live mix)

Rls Date: 22.06.2009


Mathew Jonson - Walking On The Hands That Follow Me

To celebrate Wagon Repair’s 50th record our favorite Canadians are releasing a special colour vinyl of label head Mathew Jonson’s latest work. Fresh in the aftermath of new summer baked Cobblestone Jazz material, Mathew’s refined combination of unearthly melodic twists and floor friendly percussion is back, offering a darker and deeply personal perspective to his unparalleled output. Opener ‘Walking On The Hands That Follow Me’ stalks with foot stepped bass and rapid fire hat as subtle wisps of melody approach from afar. Deep and nightmarish, a staccato affected confessional vocal pierces the mix as a chilling pad blows an icy wind to make your hair stand on end. Ever cinematic, this vertigo inducing composition is among Mat’s most seductive and eerie. On the flip, ‘When Loves Feels Like Crying’ tugs with crisp melodic sentiment to a calm percussive motion. Rich yet fragile, harmonic fragments granulate from the central hook, dripping resonant as punched bass tones offer glimpses of movement and energy beneath the cascading surface form.

Minimaland Feedback: Gathering Mathew Jonson and Wagon Repair could only be awesome! This release is all about perfection and feeling. A side made to trip, B side to fall in love (or out of it), to cry, to think, to want… I know this track for a long long time, from a few Jonson’s set and i just can’t stop listening it. Must buy Ep!

A - Walking on the Hands That Follow Me
B - When Love Feels Like Crying

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Release Date: 08.06.2009

Bond & Blome - Ghost Story

What could be better than uniting Mr Benno Blome and Jens Bond to perform? This are easily two of my favorite producers united in one of the best labels of electronic musical history – Sender Records. If most of the ep’s that are being released are suited to Summer grooves, this one transcends any season with some dark spooky environments being transmitted in the two tracks. In the A side you will listen a “Ghost Story” filled by mysterious voices able to frighten you in a lonely dark night… the music is very well build, it has a groovy beat and the sample choices are very adequate to the theme of the Ep. In the b-side there’s “This Way We Play”, another dark track, not as groovy as the first but quite more deep and minimal, transmitting again the feeling that you are entering into some kind of twilight zone. Easily my favorite track of the Ep. Prepare yourself for some scary moments… a production that will have tremendous success during hard night environments.

a1 - Ghost Story
b1 - This Way We Play

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Rls Date: 29.06.2009

Extrawelt - Deine Beine

Extrawelt (Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe) are undoubtedly one of best things I’ve listened my entire life! Their past influences based on Progressive Trance can be the cause, as I too, enjoyed some of those moments where they were known as Midimilz. Still, their sound is clearly different from the average, charging it with tremendous emotions and a respectable knowledge on what concerns to music production – the best example of this fact is their album (Schone Newe Extrawelt) that was posted here during October where they’ve shown all their skills. Now they are back, this time on Traum to deliver an inspirating Ep. The first track of “Deine Beine” is the one that marked me the most… “Mit Liese Auf Der Wiese” transmits such an incredible feeling that It’s difficult to explain, a smooth beat followed by melancholic chords that keep growing and growing making you wonder how beautiful and penetrating this style of music can be. After this one comes “Clap’s Cally” with it’s hypnotic chords, 4by4 rhythm and low synths… a great tool to be spread during night. “Was Ubrig Bleibt” finishes the Ep in great harmony and a sense of enjoyability and kindness floating around deep dub patterns.
Definitely, one of the best works I’ve listened the entire year…

a1 -Mit Liese Auf Der Wiese
b1 - Clap’s Cally
b2 – Was Ubrig Bleibt

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Traum V113
Rls Date: 02.07.2009


Moodymanc - Seedz

The vinyl-focused, shrink-wrapped, limited-edition, coloured vinyl Tsuba offshoot Tsuba Colours returns after the triumphant debut of label-boss Kevin Griffiths’ “Cantona Kung Fu” earlier this year – this time, it’s Moodymanc with “Seedz”.
Otherwise known as Dubble D of 20:20 Soundsystem, Moodymanc aka Danny Ward is the real deal. A jazz drumming, house music obsessive he has toured live, DJ’d the world over and is now carving an impeccable reputation as Moodymanc. With releases scheduled for Third Ear, Dessous and Connaisseur to name but a few, his reputation looks unlikely to be shaken, too.
First though, his input for the Tsuba offshoot deserves our attention.”Seedz” combines tribal drums, delicate keys and subtle horns in fine style, referencing the best of New York house while remaining modern in feel. No loop-driven drum assault, “Seedz” is a carefully structured slice of deep house.
B-side cut “Thumbs Up” goes south with a latin/afrobeat house direction. Carnival drums, FM bass and an unrelenting drive do the work while low-in-the-mix filtered loops ebb and flow throughout, adding the sort of melody the lazy among us would characterise as summery.
For the digitally inclined there’s a bonus drum dub of “Seedz” which will please the tinkering-jocks out there so all in all this is another strong release for the fledgling offshoot which seeks to satiate lovers of house in all formats.

a1 – Seedz
b1 - Thumbs Up
Digital Only - Seedz (Drum Dub)

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Release Date: June, 2009


Hugo - Stel and Stan

Tuning Spork is clearly becoming one of my favorite labels, their have been doing a great work this year and today I present to you their latest Ep. The original “Stel and Atan” was first released back in 2007 and now, after two years, label founder Jay Haze felt it was time to do the proper revisit of this sort of neglected bomb! So, both Haze and Hugo produced two new versions of the track. The A side is the “S Ivory Pleated Pants Remix”, by Hugo, a funky deep minimal house tune with a great bass line and a hot groovy rhythm that will leave the dancefloor swaying under the moonlight. Next comes Haze with his “S Iridescent Spandex Remix) bringing the track to a deeper level turning this monster into a minimal tech turn on! The rhythm is near to perfection along with the bass variations.. After his great mix for Fabric, Hazy continues to surprise us, we really support his work and we honestly think that his productions keep getting better.. this is a track to be appreciated by… appreciators! Hugo and Haze showing the people what minimal grooves are all about.

a1 - Stel And Atan (S Ivory Pleated Pants remix)
b1 - Stel And Atan (S Iridescent Spandex remix)

Rls Date: 26.06.2009

Mathias Mesteno - In Laws

I think Minimaland has already showed all their love for Upon You releases. Almost every one of them have the ability to surprise us and even if we expect the very best from this label, their rarely let usdown. This is the 2nd time we present a Mathias Mesteno work and if you liked the last one you’ll surely like this! The Ep is composed by three amazing tracks starting with “Andrea” a deep tech house seductive production where a heavy bassline and some high fashion loops (very similar to Detroit’s style) stand out! This track has a growing pattern since it starts and it will easily be a major hit in the dancefloors. After Andrea, Mesteno present us “Bettina”, a quite more pumpy lad making us remind some typical Masomenos or Kreon & Lemos productions with a high pumpy beat and some jazzy loops that fit perfectly in it. The tech house rhythm marks presence in this one again imputing itself like a fingerprint of Mesteno’s music. “Melinda” closes this fabulous Ep in a great way, this one is a more mysterious one where you listen the first minute and you still can’t imagine what’s coming out of there. Well, I won’t ruin it for you but I can tell you that this is a deep delicacy, typical on Upon You, in those kinds of tracks that keep getting up and down always creating an enormous urge to dance. Another must have production, buy it and keep it like gold cause you can’t get much better than this.

a1 - Andrea
b1 - Melinda
b2 - Bettina

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Rls Date: 22.06.2009

Plasmik - Colors EP

The Berlin based Brothers Roman & Marcel are back with their first release during 2009, launched by Connaisseur, Recordings as usual. This might be their greatest Ep till date and was already supported by Lee Jones, Gabriel Ananda, Solomun, Shinedoe, Masomenos, Eyerer, Brendom Moeller and Luke Solomon among others. In fact this work contains three great grooves that go around some deep Detroit house and minimal techno. The Ep starts with “Night Bell” with a 4by4 old school rhythm and some neurotic patterns that will make your brain trip during all the way of this one. All the tracks that have “Bell” on their name usually are like this: psychotic, trippy and really acid! Next is “Sneeky Dee” in a far more relaxed rhythm, more inclined to deep house roots but that fast turn into a tech house track. It has a great bassline and the construction on this one is simply amazing, in the beginning there’s only the beat but things start to show up forming an incredible tune. I can see this rising up the moods of night and after-hours crowds. “Red Tension” ends this production in a great way. It is the track with the strongest musical approach, where Plasmik stop to be random producers and transform themselves into something more: musicians. It has a great deep rhythm, with some jazzy instrument in the back like the piano and the sax and a beautiful sound universe stepped up by an amazing percussion, building up a perfect journey. Outstanding release.

a1 - Night Bell
b1 - Sneeky Dee
b2 - Red Tension

to listen the samples visit our mainsite: minimaland.com

Release Date: 24.06.2009

Robag Wruhme - Abusus Adde

Gabor Schablitzki aka Robag Wruhme is one of our favorite old school producers and one of the guys that I’ve first started to listen among this musical genre. His Ep’s on Music Krause made me realize that this was the next step, this is was the true Dance music! Now, after a few years he still continues to do amazing productions like this one that was released by Vakant a few days ago. Abusus Adde is composed by three very good tracks that were already supported by Sacha Funke, John Tejada, Ellon, Anthony Collins, Magda, Slam and Raresh… It all starts with “Hodgkin Mopp” a tripadelic minimal long length performance that goes around a fascinating melody and a wicked beat typical on Robag’s productions. Next is the disturbed “Ruptur Oing” that will captivate you by it’s fascinating deep lines and the step by step construction. A powerful dark tool to use in night clubs! To finalize the EP appears “Fufo2″, a track interlaced between dubstep beats and minimal constructions showing another side of this guy that we also appreciate a lot! A track to start a set or to end it… Robag isn’t a “normal” producer, his tracks are genuine, now it’s up to you to like it or hate it.

a1 - Hodgkin Mopp
b1 – Ruptur Oing
b2 – Fufo2

Release Date: 03.06.2009

Veitengruber - Bon Melange

In the 21st release of the aclamated 8bit – owned by Mr Nick Curly – a new producer appears in the scene… this Mannheim based artist “Veitengruber” 1st release is really an well acomplished one composed by two original tracks and two remixes propered by Afrilounge and Liapin. The Ep starts with “Bon Melange”, a quite seductive track with a clean 4by4 beat full of quality and good taste, a great percussion and a construction that suits well to 8bit (and Curly’s) style. Next is “Big Love” a deep turn on with one of those step by step constructions that drives the crowd insane. All the elements seem to fit perfectly in the track and i think you’ll really appreciate it. The melody is wicked, reminding me some Kreon & Lemos productions, very relaxed with warm chords bringing you into the right mood for summer. In the b side you will be able to listen an Afrilounge version of Bon Melange full of minimal inputs and deep lines… a strong deep pumping track properly made to night clubs and really good soundsystems . To end up this pack Liapin also shows up with a remix of the same track (digital version only)… he is part of Afrilounge trio and on this solo version he shows all his inherent potential with a neurotic procedure of minimal exquisite good taste. This is an EP that you must know about, 8Bit continues to deliver in quite good style with flawless productions.

Digital only - Bon Melange (Liapin remix)

Release Date: 01.06.2009

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