Plasmik - Colors EP

The Berlin based Brothers Roman & Marcel are back with their first release during 2009, launched by Connaisseur, Recordings as usual. This might be their greatest Ep till date and was already supported by Lee Jones, Gabriel Ananda, Solomun, Shinedoe, Masomenos, Eyerer, Brendom Moeller and Luke Solomon among others. In fact this work contains three great grooves that go around some deep Detroit house and minimal techno. The Ep starts with “Night Bell” with a 4by4 old school rhythm and some neurotic patterns that will make your brain trip during all the way of this one. All the tracks that have “Bell” on their name usually are like this: psychotic, trippy and really acid! Next is “Sneeky Dee” in a far more relaxed rhythm, more inclined to deep house roots but that fast turn into a tech house track. It has a great bassline and the construction on this one is simply amazing, in the beginning there’s only the beat but things start to show up forming an incredible tune. I can see this rising up the moods of night and after-hours crowds. “Red Tension” ends this production in a great way. It is the track with the strongest musical approach, where Plasmik stop to be random producers and transform themselves into something more: musicians. It has a great deep rhythm, with some jazzy instrument in the back like the piano and the sax and a beautiful sound universe stepped up by an amazing percussion, building up a perfect journey. Outstanding release.

a1 - Night Bell
b1 - Sneeky Dee
b2 - Red Tension

to listen the samples visit our mainsite: minimaland.com

Release Date: 24.06.2009

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