Bond & Blome - Ghost Story

What could be better than uniting Mr Benno Blome and Jens Bond to perform? This are easily two of my favorite producers united in one of the best labels of electronic musical history – Sender Records. If most of the ep’s that are being released are suited to Summer grooves, this one transcends any season with some dark spooky environments being transmitted in the two tracks. In the A side you will listen a “Ghost Story” filled by mysterious voices able to frighten you in a lonely dark night… the music is very well build, it has a groovy beat and the sample choices are very adequate to the theme of the Ep. In the b-side there’s “This Way We Play”, another dark track, not as groovy as the first but quite more deep and minimal, transmitting again the feeling that you are entering into some kind of twilight zone. Easily my favorite track of the Ep. Prepare yourself for some scary moments… a production that will have tremendous success during hard night environments.

a1 - Ghost Story
b1 - This Way We Play

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Rls Date: 29.06.2009

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