Mathias Mesteno - In Laws

I think Minimaland has already showed all their love for Upon You releases. Almost every one of them have the ability to surprise us and even if we expect the very best from this label, their rarely let usdown. This is the 2nd time we present a Mathias Mesteno work and if you liked the last one you’ll surely like this! The Ep is composed by three amazing tracks starting with “Andrea” a deep tech house seductive production where a heavy bassline and some high fashion loops (very similar to Detroit’s style) stand out! This track has a growing pattern since it starts and it will easily be a major hit in the dancefloors. After Andrea, Mesteno present us “Bettina”, a quite more pumpy lad making us remind some typical Masomenos or Kreon & Lemos productions with a high pumpy beat and some jazzy loops that fit perfectly in it. The tech house rhythm marks presence in this one again imputing itself like a fingerprint of Mesteno’s music. “Melinda” closes this fabulous Ep in a great way, this one is a more mysterious one where you listen the first minute and you still can’t imagine what’s coming out of there. Well, I won’t ruin it for you but I can tell you that this is a deep delicacy, typical on Upon You, in those kinds of tracks that keep getting up and down always creating an enormous urge to dance. Another must have production, buy it and keep it like gold cause you can’t get much better than this.

a1 - Andrea
b1 - Melinda
b2 - Bettina

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Rls Date: 22.06.2009

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