Pan Pot - Black Lodge

"The Black Lodge is known as the extradimensional mystery place in David Lynch´s "Twin Peaks". We don´t want to know Pan-Pot´s exact relationship to Laura Palmer - but the new mobilee release contains two extradimensional tracks that contain countless rooms with endless sound creations.It´s the third Pan-Pot Release on mobilee and it seems that the boys are on the mission to create their very own shelf in the minimal techno circus. A1 - Black Dog is produced by Marco Resmann, Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix. The Dog is digging a deep hole in the dirt. He is sure he hide the big bone at this place. He is digging and digging::: and finally he found what he was looking for. Just imagine the smile on the dog face. "It seems you look like a dog." B1 - Black Widow is produced by Pan-Pot´s Tassilo & Thomas. Black Widow is a very playful track with a lot of changes in different directions. The Widow is spinning it´s small net bouncing from one end to the other. The atmospheric final is the most beautiful sound landscape we have heard in the last time. For those who know - only a very famous musician from Detroit could have done it better". ... in soulseduction.com

Perfect soulseduction review to the Ep of the year - till now - my humble opinion...

a1 - Black Dog
b1 - Black Window


Marek Bois - Mampe Halb/Halb

I just listened it for the first time now and i can tell you, i'm amazed. Great deep long bass lines, perfect construction of recycled minimal, a great ep to please the hard guys. After the success of the latest releases in Trapez and most recently in Rrygular - Fake Ep - Marek Bois is back presenting his best album so far and introducing himself as one of the best in the minimal scene. All three tracks are top10, a1 is the most quiet track, yet with a great rythm, Hawtins style, my favourite. b1 - Sutskop levels the things up and Schnelle ends it with lots of techno feelings running it over... it surelly is one of the best releases of the year!

a1 Mampe Halb/Halb
b1 Sutskop
b2 Schnelle

Agoria - Code 1026

Two poisened musics to present this EP. Side A showing the influence of Detroit techno scene in Sebastian Devaud (aka Agoria) mind. Massive production, full of euforic moments, electro shock all the way, very similar to what Dj Hell or Vitalic normally does! Great Track.
Side B - Kick the Place it's a chilling deep house track, enjoyable but not near of the work done in A1. A nice album, giving you two completely different flows of what house is about! Released on Different.

a1 Agoria - Code 1026
b1 Agoria - Kick the Place


Mike & Dot - Lego Ep

I must say i hear a lot of vinyls per day and when i'm looking for a nice ep to post here i always try to get a perfect minimal example. Like this one, very subtle yet very well produced, Mike & Dot brings us nice tunes for july. Fat 32 (makes me remember that f*cking computer error) is the perfect mixture of Mike & Dot feelings, it contains all the ingredients of the other 3 ep tracks. Don't miss this one of the guys from Israel... release nr 64 on sub static.

a1 - Back Up
a2 - Fat 32
b1 - Stereo Looking
b2 - Cut


Alejandro Lopez - Fir(s)t

Release nr 23 in minimise records, the first one from Alejandro Lopez, a spanish producer ( from Gijon). Perfect Ep for guys like Matthew johnson or Villalobos that like to put in their playlists deep grooves, based synths, minimalist inputs and great percussions.
This is another spanish great promisse in the producing field, the first album is already a great one and with time and know how Alejandro Lopez can be one of the best cause the feeling is already there. The B2 Track - First - is my favourite, marked by a great acid rythm , very similar to what Alex Under normally does. The other two are more simpler but tracks that caused me a good surprise. Be aware...

a1 - Kernel
b1 - Pisces
b2 - Fir(s)t


Heat in July

10+1 tracks to take tha heat:

Goldfish and der Dulz - Uhu
Dominik Eulberg - Bionik
Oxia - Future
Loco Dice - Backroom Melody
Northern light - Cocaine (Troy Pierce remix)
Cabanne - Move the Cow
Tekel - Choudbrussel
Booka Shade - In White Rooms (Shinedoe remix)
Robert Drewek - Pegasus (Da Fresh remix)
Mistake - Espirit (Butane remix)
Bodyrox - Yeah Yeah (D.Ramirez remix)


What's been happening these days, don't lose it:

Sascha Funke - In between days (BPitch Control)
Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy - Phobos (Systematic)
Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy - Ferdinand (Systematic)
Michael Mayer/Reinhard Voigt - Transparenza (Kompakt Speicher)
Pantha Du Prince – Lichten (Dial)

Dominik Eulberg - Björn Bockenkäfer (Traum)
Minilogue - The Leopard (Traum)

Minilogue - Seconds (Traum)
Punto - 3tempo3 (Orange Groove)

Guy Gerber & Shlomi Aber - Sea of sand (Cocoon Recordings)

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