Marek Bois - Mampe Halb/Halb

I just listened it for the first time now and i can tell you, i'm amazed. Great deep long bass lines, perfect construction of recycled minimal, a great ep to please the hard guys. After the success of the latest releases in Trapez and most recently in Rrygular - Fake Ep - Marek Bois is back presenting his best album so far and introducing himself as one of the best in the minimal scene. All three tracks are top10, a1 is the most quiet track, yet with a great rythm, Hawtins style, my favourite. b1 - Sutskop levels the things up and Schnelle ends it with lots of techno feelings running it over... it surelly is one of the best releases of the year!

a1 Mampe Halb/Halb
b1 Sutskop
b2 Schnelle

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tiago said...

very good! amazing blog. You have a new reader/listener. Keep up the good work!

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