Alejandro Lopez - Fir(s)t

Release nr 23 in minimise records, the first one from Alejandro Lopez, a spanish producer ( from Gijon). Perfect Ep for guys like Matthew johnson or Villalobos that like to put in their playlists deep grooves, based synths, minimalist inputs and great percussions.
This is another spanish great promisse in the producing field, the first album is already a great one and with time and know how Alejandro Lopez can be one of the best cause the feeling is already there. The B2 Track - First - is my favourite, marked by a great acid rythm , very similar to what Alex Under normally does. The other two are more simpler but tracks that caused me a good surprise. Be aware...

a1 - Kernel
b1 - Pisces
b2 - Fir(s)t

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