Mike & Dot - Lego Ep

I must say i hear a lot of vinyls per day and when i'm looking for a nice ep to post here i always try to get a perfect minimal example. Like this one, very subtle yet very well produced, Mike & Dot brings us nice tunes for july. Fat 32 (makes me remember that f*cking computer error) is the perfect mixture of Mike & Dot feelings, it contains all the ingredients of the other 3 ep tracks. Don't miss this one of the guys from Israel... release nr 64 on sub static.

a1 - Back Up
a2 - Fat 32
b1 - Stereo Looking
b2 - Cut


Phlor said...

backup is also quite good..
Israel... It brings a lot of things, hum Hugo? ;)

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Profan and Dan Bell.

thatkidandy said...

fantastic ep, nothing disappoints

thatkidandy said...

may i add ive been looking for a blog like yours forever, yessers ill be back

Anonymous said...

absolutely one of the best ep's in substatic,this young guys rocksss!!

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