VA - 15 years of Drumcode

Fifteen years of Drumcode shaking the electronic scene deserves a proper celebration! Mr. Adam Beyer, one of our favorite artists, delivers a gift that's supposed to be enjoyed by fans and listeners worldwide for this christmas!

”It‘s not an easy thing to do over a 15 year period—to maintain an interesting, updated formula of something you started fifteen years ago,” commented Adam Beyer on his label Drumcode in a recent interview. Since 1996, Drumcode has grown to become an institution in the global techno scene, encompassing a radio program, an event series, and, most importantly, a home for the musical vision of its artists and founder. First founded by Beyer to self-release his own records, Drumcode is currently placed alongside the most influential techno imprints, and ranked among the world‘s best. “15 Years of Drumcode” not only celebrates this legacy, it propels the label further with a fresh injection of new and unreleased tracks from some of techno‘s finest producers.

In typical Drumcode fashion, “15 Years of Drum- code” celebrates the past by focusing on the present. There are no throwbacks, rehashings, or even remixes of the label‘s classic tracks. Instead, the 28-track compilation showcases only the newest and most exciting work of Drumcode‘s current roster, cascading between tough, thumping techno and housier, atmospheric arrangements. Yet even with its heavy variety, each track displays the kind of no-nonsense attitude that has become a hallmark of Drumcode‘s sound.

Amongst the talent featured on the compilation include of some techno‘s undisputed heavy-weights, CLR boss Chris Liebing teams up with Brian Sanhaji on their stomping, warehouse-filling track “The Undertaking”. H-Productions founder Cari Lekebusch and Joseph Capriati collaborate on “Napoli 4 pm”, a hybrid tech-house track ondulating with bass and metallic effects. There‘s also appearances by Soma Records founders Slam, whose tracks “Temperance” and “Sonic Scuffle” bristle with momentum and straightforward velocity. Adding to the roster of talent on “15 Years of Drumcode” are tracks from Dustin Zahn, Gary Beck, Jesper Dahlback, label head himself Adam Beyer, and many others.

Slated for release in late November, with various vinyl issues during december, kind os as a nice christmas gift, “15 Years of Drumcode” will be celebrated with a concurrent album tour across Europe‘s most prominent clubs featuring headlining sets by Adam Beyer and other members of the Drumcode family. While there‘s certainly plenty for Drumcode to reflect on over
the past fifteen years, it‘s still the moment that counts!

Label: Drumcode
Artists: Various Artists
Title: 15 Years Of Drumcode
Format. 2 x CD Compilation/Digital Compilation/Vinyl
Cat.Number. DCCD06
Release Date (Digital) November 28, 2011
Distribution Digital. Beatport, I-Tunes, Juno, What People Play

Digital Compilation
01. Grindvik and Billie - Hold, Doubt, Back
02. Slam - Temperance
03. Ben Sims - Make That Shit Funk
04. Paul Ritch - Adreneline
05. Adam Beyer - A Walking Contradiction (Joseph Capri- ati remix)
06. Nicole Moudaber - Contents Of My Head
07. Gregor Tresher - At The Fall Of Night
08. Kaiserdisco - Drum Suspension
09. Alan Fitzpatrick - Running Backwards
10. Cari Lekebusch and Joseph Capriati - Napoli 4pm
11. Jesper Dahlback - No Control
12. Dustin Zahn - Breaking the Cycle
13. Joel Mull - Shake Trip
14. Tony Rohr - Work
15. Gary Beck - Round Your Place
16. Patrick Siech - Structure
17. Mauro Picotto and Riccardo Ferri - Asteroids
18. Nihad Tule - Collider
19. The Advent and Jason Fernandes - Rocket Science
20. Slam - Sonic Scuffle
21. Pascal Mollin vs Egbert - Several Voices
22. Nima Khak - Red One
23. Roberto Capuano - Oblique
24. Nagano Kitchen - Black Panther
25. Chris Liebing and Brian Sanhaji - The Undertaking
26. Gary Beck - Distant
27. Harvey Mckay - Supercell
28. Rocco Caine - Orphan

CD1 - Various Artists - 15 Years Of Drumcode
01. Kaiserdisco - Drum Suspension
02. Alan Fitzpatrick - Running Backwards
03. Paul Ritch - Adreneline
04. Mauro Picotto and Riccardo Ferri - Asteroids
05. Patrick Siech - Structure
06. Jesper Dahlback- No Control
07. Joel Mull - Shake Trip
08. Cari Lekebusch and Joseph Capriati - Napoli 4pm
09. Gregor Tresher - At The Fall Of Night
10. Adam Beyer - A Walking Contradiction (Joseph Ca- priati remix)

CD2 - Various Artists - 15 Years Of Drumcode
01. Grindvik and Billie - Hold, Doubt, Back
02. Slam - Temperance
03. Nagano Kitchen - Black Panther
04. Gary Beck - Round Your Place
05. Chris Liebing and Brian Sanhaji - The Undertaking
06. Ben Sims - Make That Shit Funk
07. Nicole Moudaber - Contents Of My Head
08. Slam - Sonic Scuffle
09. Roberto Capuano - Oblique
10. Rocco Caine - Orphan

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Rob Small - Phased EP

Artform is founded by Jamie Anderson having in mind the idea of transmit their good vibe and the mission of this label is to bridge the gap between genres of electronic music by experimenting with fusing styles and developing new sounds. With this presets, Artform has new three tracks of rotational tech-house with producer and DJ Rob Small. Needless to say, Rob's DJ and producer career is the product of growth in the early '90s and being influenced by House & Techno dub background.

With only 20 years, Rob started with his own event called "friction", an event that happened in a club in Leeds in 2006, after the reputation growth with this actions, Rob was invited to join in 'Breakout audio Records Label, and the newfound passion for the industry triggered Rob’s enthusiasm for music production. In January 2009 his Detroit techno influenced ‘Torment EP’ was snapped up and released on Selektor Music which was later supported by the best. Rob Small from there went on to have a series of projections and remixes on various brands across the world, and is fast becoming one of the most exciting talents to recently emerge from the UK’s House & Techno scene. His style of Synthetic Techno and ‘Proper’ House Music dj sets has seen him devastate clubs the world over.
So, having said this, "Phased" comes with his particular sound, slightly acid, sub-bass ignited delight of electronic music, continuing to privilege Artform with a great release, playing an integral role in pioneering worldwide Tech-House phenomena.Droping the needle, appears “Phased”, naming the Ep and providing a balanced mix of old school techno snippets and a great tech-house groove, slightly mental and trippy. Dub version of “Phased” sounds a little more coherent and as well more “quiet” maintaining the same basics and comes as a great alternative to a set which is demanding some cadence in the sound path. Finally, with a little hand of Kyle Marshall, appears “Smoke & Ski”, a track with a great groove line, trippy semi-influenced Detroit organ sounds and a nice experience to warm some crowd into an introspective dance, mixing accurately old school in the claps and other details with the current bassline trends, creating a great mixture of both.Artform has accumulated more than a decade of Detroit Techno and Chicago House influencies, championed by the likes of Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, DJ Sneak, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Laurent Garnier and Dave Angel, a growth which finally outcomes in this Ep as a bright mix of their roots with a smell of present times attached to it.

Genre: Techno / Tech House
Label:: Artform
Catalog: #ARTFORM0213


1 - Phased – Original Mix
2 - Phased – Dub
3 - Phased Smoke & Ski – Original Mix


Mario & Vidis - Staar Wars EP

There's releases that somehow are destined to meet us and not the reverse way. After a suggestion by someone I respect a lot, I gave it a try on soundcloud. Then, magically, Staar Wars EP entered and never left anymore. Even more weirdly, I was looking for more info on this masterpiece and it came to my surprise it was on my promo list! And well, after all these coincidences, it's really worthy of a good review here since it's a production so magnificent it would be a sin to let it go released without our kind word.

Following the much talked about ones on Japanese Endless Flight, Australian Future Classic, German Best Works, British Crosstownrebels, and Otherworldly Philomena – a string of tracks,
remixes, and releases of 2011 supported by Âme, Dixon, Damian Lazarus, Andre Lodemann, Soul Clap, Anthony Pappa, Sasha, Joakim and far too many others to mention, here comes brand new four track Staar Wars EP of interplanetary dance music by Mario & Vidis. Best Kept Secret is a label founded by Vidis to uncover & present the hidden sounds of Vilnius House scene and intends to release good secrets over next times!

Staar Wars EP is one of those releases we just feel proud to find. And we feel proud cause since the first play our ego goes high and we take music like this as if it was made for us specially, driving an appeal of love and emotion not easilly found anywhere. Yeah, we know we tend to use fancy words to describe an EP or a track, but, with this EP is different: I'm wordless.
All I can say it's that any listener will not feel that this was the result of some mouse clicking during a rage of inspiration.. yeah, maybe it's that also, but then adds all the ingredients that tend to divide a huge production from a collector's masterpiece. Still wordless, I'll just refer that every track is a storyline and the main actor is the listener, Manaan, as the name itself tends to describe, it's pure joy of God's feeding to mere human listeners, it's pure magic and shiny energy feeding anyone directly into the ears. What more we can say?? There's a player below just in case... :)


A1 Ryyk
A2 Manaan
B1 Illum
B2 Loove Wars feat. Michelle Bee

Label. Best Kept Secret Artist. Mario & Vidis Title. Staar Wars EP Cat. Number. BKS001
Format. 12“ Vinyl, Digital EP
Release Date. November 11, 2011
Distribution. Word and Sound
Domain. www.facebook.com/bestkeptsecret.lt


Danilo Schneider - Short Image In My Brain

There's releases that captivate us so deep, extend so much the barrier that just give us a glimpse of what trowns us into a spectacle of delight and enjoyability when we assume we're listening to an unforgivable release on a dancefloor. Thus, it doesn't come really new for us after the amazing "Hula Hoop Ep" by Eveline Fink, which I found out to be a quite delightfully balanced Ep on Enough! Records. Enough, convenient to refer, is under the shiny touch of Mr. Danilo Schneider, who couldn't prepare another thing to his own label except a "soup" of ingredients that start with himself and expand his achievement with this short image for our brains. To this image, he brings Jakob Seindesticker and with the mixture of both, Enough! is assuming a character of quality vs. quantity, saying enough to all the amount of music hitting the stores everyday, releasing only true masterpieces.
Saying this, Short Image In My Brain is just a must have on any collection that focus on relying in amazing Ep's, cause, yes, it's the wholy Ep, the whole release, that expresses the fact that all the tracks are exceptionally good, but, to start with, homonym named track opens it in a cozy fashioned way so grooved and sculptured that its just a matter of time to find yourself letting go with the mood. It produces a big image in your brain, tells a whole story of dub vibes and paradisiac looped bells that keep your mind moving and the feeling growing smoothly in a soothing way. Edit Suite pulls the strings to a delicate hypnotic state where a scattered bassline and a mumbling fusion of voice snippets with arythmic tinkling sounds keep on the cadence of the smooth groove lines on the base, resulting in a curdled pattern of hypnotic drive. Last but not least, the maestro Jakob Seidensticker changes evertyhing without changing nothing at all levels, producing a new image with the old brain, which means the remix captures all the best and adds an extra depth of touch detail, producing a masterpiece intrepretation.
Experienced ears will understand all the previous said, where these words don't cope with the feeling delivered in the moment the needle is dropped on the tracks.
A must have.


Pawn Shop People - Hometown EP

After releases on Blufin and Sleaze‘s sublabel Smut Music, Pawn Shop People finally deliver their debut for the Kiddaz Music Group and represents a good discovery for us.

Their sound represents cutting edge dance music, vibrating between techno and tech-house with a certain analogue & rough appeal that keeps driving listeners. .

“Hometown” comes in with hypnotic bassline, deep synths and a penetrating beat. Little bit dirty, techy and deep underground music that appeals to a mumbling pattern of rhythm which embraces a nice journey of 4/4 mood. “Streetsmart“ appears with a rough drumming code combined with dark vocal drops and snippets, wrapped into Chicago‘s old school sounds while embracing some minimalistic pulpy hi hats that get side along perfectly with the groove working on the base of it, revealing as a good uplifter to any dancefloor. youANDme, who recently released a huge record on Cocoon and their own imprints, delivered an amazing 16 minutes rework, offering a complete new and heavy vision of “Streetsmart”, where techno is the basis for a dark trip around an interconnected mesh of delusive sounds that add some experimentation, brilliantly sending us back to old days of soulfull dark techno.


a1 - Hometown

a2 - Streetsmart

b1 - Streetsmart (youANDme Remix)

Artist. Pawn Shop People Label. Style Rockets Title. Hometown EP

Cat. Number: STYRLTD007

Format. 12“ Vinyl, Digital EP

Release Date. October 24, 2011


Seidensticker & Salour - Katzenjammer EP

Seidensticker & Salour (Jakob Seidensticker & Bardia Salour) are a name that’s becoming really familiar to us. Or, well, maybe is just our ears that are becoming enlightned by its intrincate and energized tapestry of sound construction, who knows, is just something that is explained perfectly looking upon a fast backward to these both artists biography.

While Bardia is a local hamburg dj and music connoisseur with great influence on the whole hamburg scene for years now, Jakob Seidensticker is a essential part on the internationally respected Wareika trio, releasing in labels we love and as known like Perlon, Circus Company, Eskimo and being well acclaimed internationally.

After Dj'ing in various clubs and locations , they have finally found their base at the'fulmina

nt' EGO club in hamburg where they share their tracks with other Dj's and the ass shaking crowd in general. One thing is for sure, Seidensticker & Salour's track selection and their dub influenced sound have been known to satisfy all hedonistic impulses one may have.

The duo have recently started a party called 'Dance For Fans' in hamburg. The concept is for a range of local events to spread innovation into the local club environment and inside clubbers into a new vision .

After their releases on Einmaleins Musik & FormResonance the two tracker "Katzenjammer is the next step.

..And this is what we consider a good release, the mythical convex of underground and

its definite search between labels and real artists. This connection between URSL Records and the magic cadence of the duo results in rare release combining a taste of deep appealing and „sexy“ grooving in a musically shaped tapestry that defines all their productions and enriches any listener’s experience. It’s not supposed to be a mere music, it’s supposed to be a all-in melodic trip, a delicate „enchantément“ of cadency trough fusions and snippets that outcome to become real music, which defines real musicians.

"Early in the morning " is pure deepness art and a perfect, delightfull listening, ready to take the ears by its gentle touch and keep pushing forward to a pretty quiet and blissfull trip along the way, translating itself as the official soundtrack to any warmup or enjoyable after-party as its name says!

"Midnight Tar" is brilliant crescent, growing cadenced music, or defining it better, -something never fair-, a peak galloping track, in a cresty chrome of a delusive and charismatic cyclic sound, fusioning different instruments that create a personality unique which outcomes as a bomb with understatement.

This music with sensuous melodic and harmonious sounds are of gentlement to gentlemen. From music lovers to lovers.

Seidensticker & Salour.


A1 - Early In The Morning

B1 - Midnight Tar

Release Date: Around Next Days... | Available on www.decks.de | Info: http://www.ursl-records.com/


Seidensticker & Salour- Katzenjammer EP by minimaland


Patrick Zigon - The Alpha State

Patrick Zigon’s "The Alpha State" is a return to his Slovenian origins and roots, releasing it through Danza Macabra Records, a collaboration that begun with remixes for Danza Macabra duo (Martin Rojnik and Edin čuturić ) and became a strong friendship since they’re bonded not only by their fellowship roots but also by common thoughts and essence about the surrounding world.

“Alpha State” can be defined as an hypnotic guide through his deep and colourful world of electronic music. After many years of heavy releasing and remixing, Patrick took a time-out, locked himself into his studio to reinvent himself and putted all his clear energy and creativity into his very first artist album. More than one year of hard work, sleepless nights and extensive sound design resulted in a thrilling journey of overall 13 tracks, and a tight bond connection with Patrick’s creativity in a live-act on stage. Call it Patrick’s first intentional musical monument which came after several years of hard work till the point of a zenith on his career. A work he decided to call “Alpha State”.

Round, complete, meshed up in a sublime frequency of rhythms and grooved ranges, denoting an upper level quality in production frequencies only to be achieved by a few bunch of producers. Every play, every rhythm, intends to transmit something, defining an essence of soul and a glimpse of perfection. It covers a boiling harmony, a detailed texture that speaks

directly to extreme inner senses and awareness, brilliantly produced, patterned and detailed, therefore, a pleasure every time “play” is pressed. Senses and feelings are veined in a cushioned crystalline sound all around the album, an iridescent level of the “Alpha State” Patrick’s achieved during his closing and meditation that resulted in this masterpiece of art. An amber feeling emanates, and the polished final result outcomes as one of those that fit the bag of the best dj and the home of the simplest listener easily, and that’s the tiny line which normally separates an ordinary work from a masterpiece.

The way it haves a track for each mood, each one on its patterns and voyages, spatially fitting any place, anyone, anywhere. Thumping and roaring basslines embrace delicate melodies, as well as clashed snares and hi-hats recycle and intricate continuously with sinuous patterns of low frequency construction, where perfection seems an easy word to apply when describing it. It’s as if we could transform sounds in odours, in senses, in feelings, where a fresh scent perfume can be felt through a higher state of consciousness spiritualism, feeling achieved as long as it slowly starts to work all around sensibilities and emotions, characteristic shaped by a clear creative intention of taking things to another level. The Alpha State level.

For this he has not only brought himself into the Alpha State, he welcomed diverse non-electronic guest musicians in his Traumraum studio to pair their talents with his infectious electronic grooves. But it’s not only the dope Ragga vibes of Caramelo Criminal, the captivating vocals from Cassis, the muted trump

"The Alpha State" is personally handmade, spiritual, soulful, hypnotic, grooved and patterned timeless electronic music. It’s an album which grows slowly in a wide comprehension of senses and perceptions, leaving a lot to discover and journey on each play and each listening. Even after many listening sessions it’s possible to find something new and exciting, appealing deeply inside inner senses. The tricky live drums of The DisDrumMachine and the German voice of Goldkehlchen that make this album the most artistic piece of music to date on Danza Macabra Records, but also Patrick’s ever-loved collaborations with co-producers and friends like Paulo Olarte, Mark Ash and Sven Palzer. Because the Alpha State is a state he embraces with more artists, l
ast, but not least, the Danza Macabra Duo, propeller of this masterpiece through their label, decided to give their expressive “Momento Magico” view, and give it a proper slap of Danza Macabra expressive harmonies.

It’s a masterpiece produced and made for eclectic clubbers and a special core of awarened home listeners in order to take them to another state, their inner core “Alpha State”.

Definitely album of the month and undoubtly one of the best releases of this year.

Full support, amazing masterpiece!


David Mayer - Moment EP

No better title than "Moment" to name this EP. We've been already following Keinemusik for a while in soundcloud, and after our post absence over this last year, we were just expecting the right moment to refer this wonderfull label. So, the moment is now!

By the hands of David Mayer, who released the first Keinemusik and on other labels like Paso Music, we were just thinking "right, this guy haves everything we like, let's expect the right time to promote him a little", and, it seems this is the right moment to do it!

What a release!! It only haves two tracks, but both of them are complete masterpieces! Who likes big kicks, clean cuts and lots of personality in a track, well, this is the right release! There's something about this release that makes it very personal on the first listening. It attaches immediately to your ear and the it's really a hard task to press stop, it's only repeat, repeat, repeat!! Its very wide and there's defintely a clear protruding of charisma emaning from it. First track, "Moment" it's clearly a veined "tech-trippy" track, streamlined along detail and contoured details, it haves a depth of groove very hard to describe. Please hit "play" on the player below to understand what I'm referring to. and please... enjoy the moment!
As we flip side, there's "Word is Bond", and this is the point we really consider David has something clear when naming a track, this means since the beggining the track was already baptized! What better name to this track other than "Word is Bond"? Yes, there's a old school vocal, working along the track, rolling along the groove, connecting, reminding, pointing a direction to the end. And 'till the end is a complete delight of melodious catch, bubbling hats and deep grooves.
But there's notting better than checking for yourself and give it a listen. I ensure it'll make your day, it made mine!


Rodriguez Jr. - Bittersweet EP

Released in the 5th of September of 2011, among so much good stuff arriving our headquarters this month, we almost forgotten to mention this amazing release that's supposed to be a glimpse of Rodriguez Jr. first album, also on Mobilee.

From Mobilee, needless to say, established by Anja Schneider and runned by Anja herself and Ralf Kollman, nothing except quality in every release. It's one of those cases where you see it coming and think "this is damn good" when you didn't even listened to it! From the roost we can mention Pan-Pot or Sebo K, but that's only a minor detail, it's indeed a label we cherish alot overhere. They have their way of doing things, and that way is quality, charisma and essence!

So, applying more words about Rodriguez Jr., Mobilee or anything related to this crew is just wasting letters and space overhere, there's not even the need to reinforce all our thinking about all this.

"Bittersweet" EP is here to remind Us there's a big album on the way, and what better way to remind than releasing some very nice tracks to put some "pepper" on the teaser stuff? It's not bitter, can assure that, it's more sweet "á la Rodriguez Jr." way! "Bittersweet" works pretty well, teases everything in a soft and smooth way, one of those tracks simply perfect to began with. Then comes "Music Don't Lie feat. Cari Golden", and well, them both don't lie about the fact Rodriguez Jr. is on a good peak of production and that Cari Golden is becoming one of the most sensual and smoothful piercing voices on the scene, undoubtly! Then comes "Massilia", maybe my pick from this EP, so beautiful, so polished and sculptured among mid synth frequencies that deliver a trippy happiness feeling, resuming, one of those to keep an eye in the sun rising! To close this "teaser" in the better way, why not "Bagpipe Woman", to joke a little bit on the scene and just put a deep smile on your face? Let's face it, an amazing and round release, featuring a sexy voice... no more words needed about this!

EDA - You're Kidding Me EP

With a hilarious artwork and a jokeful name, Unplëased Records delivers its second release, by EDA, trying to start kidding with Us!

After several years of experimentation in the modern music field, They based in South of France decided to establish its musical label in 2010. First of all partner with its artists, Unplëased Records turns into a global project under the name Unplëased Music Experience uniting by electronic music label, management and booking.

Emergent young artist, EDA experiences and evolves to an
underground house music that is far removed from standardization. Skilful and inventive his different releases on European music labels as Piso, Smallroom, Genesa ou Fach prove it but don‘t look like at his actual music universe.
EDA presents to you with „You‘re kidding me“ a gilded deluge from an exalting Deep House and constitutes a fine example of his skills and talent. More attention is needed in the future!

The first track "Love Worn“ boots itself by a bully and unremittingly rhythmic just before a bass line with sample of old music notes will never let us down again. A prime element adds it, a funk vocal, rich and percussive braids and loosens for being with the stream of interludes the maestro who dips us into the topography of piece.

"You“ meanwhile is more homogenous in its construction but whose musical elements sets type it are stoutly underground. The gloomy bassline joins in a resonant melting pot where keyboards and soul voice apply color to warmly the track. To fly by a long percussion breaks of use linking and to stuff of influences from the music of black Americans. "You“ contains in itself the real essence of the underground house music.

Organic, "You‘re Kidding Me“ is made with instinct and acuteness, making our smooth groove of today an easy listening achievement!

Michael Knop - Weak Chin EP

If you're into powerfull and uplifiting stuff, this is the man you have to put an eye on!

Michael Knop, after two releases with our friends at Meleon, now delivers this techno sided production on one of our favorite labels: Resopal Schallware! What to expect from this "young promise" and such a label? Nothing except huge loads of quality and mumbling sounds, booming anything since you it play button. Full of soothing sounds and wicked grooves, this is the right release to look for when the crowd still haves some good leg energy to spend in a powerfull journey!

So, coming down to the tracks, first, "Drop In" does what you expect after some time, really drops in huge loads of bassline. wicked. Second track, "this Night" makes things more classy style, still that Knop bassline (will call it like that from now on), heavily compressed keeps on the base to all the track progression and construction, whooping a listener with it. So, nothing better to the end of this EP than "Over and Over".. yeah, Knop Bassline over and over, heavy, destructive and outragiously bubbling, keeping the listener energized over and over, not giving any chance. That's how things work with Michael, there's no mercy, once you start, you just cannot stop and make a weak chin.. Proper Techno release.


Get Lost 4 - Mixed By Damian Lazarus

All fuzzed out by Marc Antona Album We almost forgotten to mention this amazing mixed cd by Mr. Damian Lazarus.
Following in the wake of Dinky and Jamie Jones Get Lost albums, and due to public demand the series is reignited with Get Lost's ringmaster Damian Lazarus. Now a notorious 17 hour event at Miami’s WMC that features the whole army of Rebels artists (21 artists in 2011), Lazarus now captures some of its magic on CD.

Damian Lazarus is a visionary, a caped crusader for underground music with an eye for detail and an ear for true talent. Since cutting his teeth as music editor at Dazed & Confused, to his days as A&R at legendary London imprint City Rockers spotting the likes of Felix Da Housecat and Tiga, through to more recently introducing Seth Troxler, Jamie Jones and Art Department to the world via his Crosstown Rebels imprint, Lazarus has continually shaped the face of underground dance music as we know it.

So, nothing better than give it a listen and, truthfully, get lost on this "pearl"


Marc Antona - Rules Of Madness

It's been a while.. Hi there!

So, nothing better to mark my "post return" than this amazing first album by Marc Antona on his own imprint, Dissonant Records!

We became astonished by this album, such a masterpiece is a rare achievement. Well, in fact, it doesn't really surprised us, Marc's movements and way of doing things around this "scene" are undoubtly class A ones. He were already followers of a label he had a finger on, "Micro-Fibres", and if there was a thing that really differenced that label was the quality of the releases. Names like Re-Up were raisen in those headquarters of quality productions and this was a characteristic that always surrounded Marc and all his efforts. Doesn't need a mention as well his impressive live performances and the way some of his charisma becomes clear in all his productions and his huge support from "Mr Cadenza" himself, Luciano.
However, it seems that on this label project, Dissonant, also run by him, as if quality wasn't enough, there's even more quality in every release! Since it "opened doors", we've been cherished with amazing releases by Marc himself and Re-Up (aka OEL & Polygon) that were among the best releases and played until vinyl was wasted by big names.

So, coming to what matters, away from lots of words, here's our consideration on this release. It's absolutely a dancefloor killer, uplifiting tribal mumbling patterns and lots and lots of energy to deliver along some cadence that just adds excellence. If U're a dj, ready to hit a dancefloor and put all the people jumping and smiling, this is the right weapon for you! It haves other moods, this is a very round album, and in all the frequency achieved, it's only a matter of picking the one that you feel suitable! If you follow us, for sure you'll have one in this album!

So, in the end, driving yourself to a powered listening, we refer "All against the law", "Crunch To Pulp" or "Fast Track". If you wanna play more deeply, then you have "Illegal", "The Hammock Spider History" or "Last Taboo".
Anyway, there's one for everybody and in the end, any of them are just brilliant masterpieces. It was undoubtly, one of the best albums that reached our hands.
F*ckin' Brilliant.



Hello peep's, we're not completely done, we've plans to get back to our roots, but they depend on lots of things that may or not happen! meanwhile you can follow us on facebook, flow's hanging things there and once in a while i'll post too!! here's the link: http://www.facebook.com/minimaland in this endured year i've discovered a mexican producer that is completely stucked to my head, jiony, here is my fav tune of this amazing guy:

  A Veces (con lluvia de fondo) by jiony

 hope u enjoy, see'a


Azari & III - Into The Night (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

Released by Turbo

Azari & III - Into The Night (Nicolas Jaar Remix) [Turbo] by alchemyremixmanagement

can it get any better than this?

i really dont think so, a splendorous music to a sad rainy day or to a spectacular morning, take your pic, but don't miss this magnificent track

Soul + Nico - Goin' Bad

We might sleep for a year or two, but we won't cease to exist! In my player:

Soul + Nico - Goin' Bad by Clown and Sunset

hope you enjoy!

we'll be back :)

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