Danilo Schneider - Short Image In My Brain

There's releases that captivate us so deep, extend so much the barrier that just give us a glimpse of what trowns us into a spectacle of delight and enjoyability when we assume we're listening to an unforgivable release on a dancefloor. Thus, it doesn't come really new for us after the amazing "Hula Hoop Ep" by Eveline Fink, which I found out to be a quite delightfully balanced Ep on Enough! Records. Enough, convenient to refer, is under the shiny touch of Mr. Danilo Schneider, who couldn't prepare another thing to his own label except a "soup" of ingredients that start with himself and expand his achievement with this short image for our brains. To this image, he brings Jakob Seindesticker and with the mixture of both, Enough! is assuming a character of quality vs. quantity, saying enough to all the amount of music hitting the stores everyday, releasing only true masterpieces.
Saying this, Short Image In My Brain is just a must have on any collection that focus on relying in amazing Ep's, cause, yes, it's the wholy Ep, the whole release, that expresses the fact that all the tracks are exceptionally good, but, to start with, homonym named track opens it in a cozy fashioned way so grooved and sculptured that its just a matter of time to find yourself letting go with the mood. It produces a big image in your brain, tells a whole story of dub vibes and paradisiac looped bells that keep your mind moving and the feeling growing smoothly in a soothing way. Edit Suite pulls the strings to a delicate hypnotic state where a scattered bassline and a mumbling fusion of voice snippets with arythmic tinkling sounds keep on the cadence of the smooth groove lines on the base, resulting in a curdled pattern of hypnotic drive. Last but not least, the maestro Jakob Seidensticker changes evertyhing without changing nothing at all levels, producing a new image with the old brain, which means the remix captures all the best and adds an extra depth of touch detail, producing a masterpiece intrepretation.
Experienced ears will understand all the previous said, where these words don't cope with the feeling delivered in the moment the needle is dropped on the tracks.
A must have.

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