Sei A - Chinese Whispers

The producer from Glasgow, Andy Graham debuts on International Dj Gigolos with a high intensity record. I’ve been following the producer’s career for quite some time and this EP confirms all my expectations. “Chinese Whispers” goes around dark environments and deep beats and I have no doubt that every dancefloor will appreciate this tracks. The a-side is a “super late night Electro tinged Techno, dark oscillating bass colliding with mysterious female vocals for a serious trip”. Perfect rhythm to be spread in the night times. On the flipside “My Montage” forggets the dark patterns and explores some morning feelings. The beat keeps deep and dark but some “luscious posh trance tinges and urgent synths” turn this track into a track that can become unforgetable, if played in the proper place and time! High rated EP, one of the best releases I’ve listened from Gigolo in a long time (Along the Peter Kruder ones).

a1 - Chinese Whispers
b1 – My Montage

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Release Date: 31.08.2009


Roland Appel – Snow in the Spring Time

Roland Appel started producing music and spinning records in the early nineties. He was a member of Fauna Flash ( together with Christian Prommer ) and the Trüby Trio (with rainer trüby + Christian Prommer ). They successfully produced 3 studio albums. In 2002 he released one album with his Peter Kruder and another with Christian Prommer – Voom:Voom .With every project he toured the world and playing clubs and festivals from Montreal Jazz Festival, Sonar Festival to Fabric London, New York, Berlin and Tokyo.
From 2004 to 2006 Roland lived in Paris, France. During this time he started to write music for his solo career which quickly gained an international following. In 2006 returning to Munich / Germany he teamed up with engineer Jan Krause to start recording once again. Whether Roland incorporates an accomplice or is at it solo, there’s hardly a dull moment in the studio or on stage. Roland Appel captivates his audience by combining the integral influences of Detroit techno, folk, disco all the way to soul and house.
One of the most in demand tracks from the ‘All Night Long’ album, ‘Snow…’ gets a full single release as a result of the huge response from disco heavyweights Horse Meat Disco, who took the time to contact us to tell us how much they love it. Old school disco in every way, certainly not ‘space’ and nothing ‘nu’ about it.. DFA darlings Runaway turn it in a slow burning house direction that builds the tension until every last drop is wrung out in a sweaty pool on the dance floor. Nice.

Minimaland Feedback: “Snow in the Spring Time” really deserved a full single release and Aus music didn’t forgget it… this is one of the most exciting tracks of the last years and this Ep marks it as a symbol of the electronic nowadays scene. The runaway remix in the b side add’s it a deeper sensation, turned up to minimal flavours, just as we like it here. Loved it!

a1. Cold Blooded
a2. Snow In Spring Time
b1. Snow In Spring Time (Runaway Remix)

Release Date: 28.09.2009

Paul Kalkbrenner - Berlin Calling Vol.1

Berlin Calling is undoubtedly part of the film highlights of 2009. Hannes Stöhr’s fictitious drama based around the up-and-coming Berlin musician and Toxicomaniac Ickarus skillfully distances itself from ‘hip’ biopics and instead offers one hundred percent of authenticity and classic storytelling. What is surprising is the ease and the speed with which the dramatic – and even in parts tragic – story is presented. This balance act succeeds not only with images, but also with Paul Kalkbrenner’s congenial soundtrack accomplishes that feat effortlessly. Finally, after the “hymn” Sky and Sand, comes the second release as a 12” EP. Thematically, the title song is closely related to Sky and Sand, and the three tracks form an absolutely harmonious trilogy, not only perfectly transporting the film’s atmosphere, but actually generating it on their own. Even if you don’t know the images, you will soon get the impression of a subliminal, compulsively seething energy – and at the same time that of devouring emptiness, cycling faster and faster around aimlessness.

a1 - Square 1
b1 - Aaron
b2 – Azure

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Minimaland Feedback: After almost one year, it’s a pleasure to get back to “Berlin Calling” steps again… the Cd really marked us and, in Vol.1 vinyl, we’ll all get the chance to buy some of the most gentle soft tracks that have been made during electronic musical history. We are trully appreciators of this producer’s work and we will always be waiting for his next move… for now lets way for Vol.2 because this is a perfect first!

Rls Date: 03.08.2009

Danny Fiddo and Affkt – El Prologo (Remixes Pt 1.1)

Today we present to you a new label, Barraca Music from Spain… I became aware of them when they released “Bank Brotherhood Ep“, their latest work developed by Los Updates and Ricardo Villalobos… but today I’m here to talk about their best work untill now… “El Prologo remixes” headed by Luciano, Villalalobos and Radio Slave. The original tracks were featured in Barraca’s first release and to make it unforgetable nothing could be better than inviting the Chilean crue to perform some remixes. In the A-Side you will listen “Ricardo Villalobos Una Puta Mas Atras Remix”, a 15 minute long length track very typical on his creations where deep percussions, minimal sense and appealing melodies combine perfectly. I promise you won’t get tired of this one in the whole 15 minutes of it. Amazing! In the B-Side there’s “Falto Pepico Luciano remix”, another massive production. If you’re one of the people who believe that “minimal” really does exist among the electronic music movement this is one of it’s best prototypes, 4by4 rhythm, huge percussions, again appealing melodies and some hand picked loops turned this track into a dancefloor turn-on! As I usually say when I listen Luciano or Villalobos productions: “This is minimal!”. If you buy the Ep digitally you’ll have a third track, a “El Prologo” remix by Radio Slave, very groovy with a great deep mnml rhythm where Radio Slave clearly tried to follow the patters of the Chilean producers. El Prologo remixes will be complete when the second delivery sees the light. For that release the chosen artists will be Mathias Kaden and Inxec so… stay tuned!

a1 – Points (Ricardo Villalobos Una Puta Mas Atras remix)
b1 - Cartas Para Geisha (Falto Pepica Luciano mix)

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Rls Date: 07.08.2009

Lauhaus - Latenights

Despite being the first Lauhaus Ep that we post, we’ve been following his career for a long time, this Dj and Producer creates dedicated music and his Dj sets are some of the best ones you can listen. Laurens Lanting aka Lauhaus is also one of the parts of the duo Polder, highly known by their famous album Poldermodel and this solo Ep proves all his quality. This producer from the Netherlands presents three amazing tracks that will have a tremendous effect among underground crowds. His deepness his something that we definitely appreciate and you will be able to confirm it when you listen this release. The first track “Latenights” is a guaranteed dancefloor igniter with it’s deep beat and incredible tech-house rhythm. A flawless track that will make the dancing people go crazy. Lauhaus bounce it again in the b-side track “Newe Welle” surfing through even more deep dark waves, not as techy as the other but with far more soul… it’s a perfect one for our kind of style and the one that makes us astonished here at the land. If you buy it digitally you’ll have a third track – “Backstage Beauties” a after-hours session bomb, that it’s worth to buy. Released by Intacto Records.

a1 - Latenights
b1 – Newe Welle
D.O. - Backstage Beauties

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Release Date: 17.08.2009

Freedarich & Stiggsen – Lago

Each night before bedtime, Freedarich & Stiggsen turn into two giant, radioactive ants. There they are then, obviously enjoying their facet insect eyes. And sometimes, their own ant’s sound inspires them to produce techno music. When Freedarich & Stiggsen want to go out, they turn back into Bohemians again, in order not have to party all alone due to Berlin’s mean bouncers. With their first release on Areal, Friedrich Greiling & Steph Sandeck have come up with a double-A-side. Both sides do not hesitate, they simply take you on a trip. So we had no option but to let the dice decide.

Minimaland Feedback: What a promising start for this duo, Freedarich and Stiggsen are an incredible mysterious surprise, this Ep is a new breath of fresh air through the scene. “Lago”, the first track is a beautiful combination of different pleasures, a melody that will tear you apart, really well created reminding me some of the best times of trance music, the deep beat will complete it for you, if you like music with feeling this is your best choice for this month… fly, fly away. I must confess I can’t stop listening it…! The other one is “Candide”, a darker deeper track that will lead you into a trip through the most rough sides of electronic music. Maybe the most surprising release I’ve listened in the last times, I’ve already bought it, i just hope some of you will do the same…

a1 - Lago
b1 - Candide

Rls Date: 13.08.2009

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