Danny Fiddo and Affkt – El Prologo (Remixes Pt 1.1)

Today we present to you a new label, Barraca Music from Spain… I became aware of them when they released “Bank Brotherhood Ep“, their latest work developed by Los Updates and Ricardo Villalobos… but today I’m here to talk about their best work untill now… “El Prologo remixes” headed by Luciano, Villalalobos and Radio Slave. The original tracks were featured in Barraca’s first release and to make it unforgetable nothing could be better than inviting the Chilean crue to perform some remixes. In the A-Side you will listen “Ricardo Villalobos Una Puta Mas Atras Remix”, a 15 minute long length track very typical on his creations where deep percussions, minimal sense and appealing melodies combine perfectly. I promise you won’t get tired of this one in the whole 15 minutes of it. Amazing! In the B-Side there’s “Falto Pepico Luciano remix”, another massive production. If you’re one of the people who believe that “minimal” really does exist among the electronic music movement this is one of it’s best prototypes, 4by4 rhythm, huge percussions, again appealing melodies and some hand picked loops turned this track into a dancefloor turn-on! As I usually say when I listen Luciano or Villalobos productions: “This is minimal!”. If you buy the Ep digitally you’ll have a third track, a “El Prologo” remix by Radio Slave, very groovy with a great deep mnml rhythm where Radio Slave clearly tried to follow the patters of the Chilean producers. El Prologo remixes will be complete when the second delivery sees the light. For that release the chosen artists will be Mathias Kaden and Inxec so… stay tuned!

a1 – Points (Ricardo Villalobos Una Puta Mas Atras remix)
b1 - Cartas Para Geisha (Falto Pepica Luciano mix)

listen the samples in our main website: minimaland.com

Rls Date: 07.08.2009

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