Roland Appel – Snow in the Spring Time

Roland Appel started producing music and spinning records in the early nineties. He was a member of Fauna Flash ( together with Christian Prommer ) and the Trüby Trio (with rainer trüby + Christian Prommer ). They successfully produced 3 studio albums. In 2002 he released one album with his Peter Kruder and another with Christian Prommer – Voom:Voom .With every project he toured the world and playing clubs and festivals from Montreal Jazz Festival, Sonar Festival to Fabric London, New York, Berlin and Tokyo.
From 2004 to 2006 Roland lived in Paris, France. During this time he started to write music for his solo career which quickly gained an international following. In 2006 returning to Munich / Germany he teamed up with engineer Jan Krause to start recording once again. Whether Roland incorporates an accomplice or is at it solo, there’s hardly a dull moment in the studio or on stage. Roland Appel captivates his audience by combining the integral influences of Detroit techno, folk, disco all the way to soul and house.
One of the most in demand tracks from the ‘All Night Long’ album, ‘Snow…’ gets a full single release as a result of the huge response from disco heavyweights Horse Meat Disco, who took the time to contact us to tell us how much they love it. Old school disco in every way, certainly not ‘space’ and nothing ‘nu’ about it.. DFA darlings Runaway turn it in a slow burning house direction that builds the tension until every last drop is wrung out in a sweaty pool on the dance floor. Nice.

Minimaland Feedback: “Snow in the Spring Time” really deserved a full single release and Aus music didn’t forgget it… this is one of the most exciting tracks of the last years and this Ep marks it as a symbol of the electronic nowadays scene. The runaway remix in the b side add’s it a deeper sensation, turned up to minimal flavours, just as we like it here. Loved it!

a1. Cold Blooded
a2. Snow In Spring Time
b1. Snow In Spring Time (Runaway Remix)

Release Date: 28.09.2009

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