Gui Boratto - Gate 7

Architect, producer, musician and composer, Gui Boratto, brasilian based, presents us a masterpiece. Combining his latin "" flavours with a little of european electro touch. Reminds me some productions of Dahlback. Mad dancing grooves, uprising feelings and great production is what to be expected from the best brasilian minimal artist in these days. Released on k2 records, sublabel of Kompakt recds.

a1 - Gate 7
b1 - Chains


SLG - Caffeine

With the second 12" release on Trapez, following his brilliant debut Ep, Nine Hours released August 2006, the top polish producer SLG aka Lukasz Seliga, takes it one step further proving his skill of producing finest post detroit minimal techno music.
Lukasz Seliga has been experimenting and producing music for over ten years, but only recently decided to release it. He claims to be "a perfectionist who laboriously works on details before any release".
When I've heard it, I really thinked "look, Alex Under strikes back" (Saludos Alex Under!). Only when I saw the name I realized it. It's not, of course, Alex Under but haves a mark and it's without any doubt a producer to remember. His focus on details are really deep sh*t with a constructive way that fuses polyrhythmic versatility, quick changes and power in the arranjement leads you into some kind of "music blow"! Comfortable and warm basslines are tottally in tune with all other elements and clicks in the music, and we can't expect anything else from a producer that doesn´t release till "the job's done"! Rushour is more subdued and minimal, but doesn't "escape" from a quality seal! Caffeine is, without a doubt, a great release. It's really minimal techno delivered like a bomb into a dancefloor! It's still hot in the mnmland :P

Label: Trapez
Catalogue: [Trapez 070]
Release date: 11th December 2006

A1 - Caffeine
B1 - Rushhour

Ricardo Villalobos - Fizheuer Zieheuer

Label: Playhouse
Catalogue: [playcd21/play133]
Released: October 31

I Luv this guy! Another strike in his production way (more than 11 minutes!), but this one really occupies the whole Ep! There's the same release on cd to have a new one (playcd21), the fizbeast, that doesn't find her space on the Ep, lol!
I must say that Fizheuer Zieheur (part 1 and 2) is one of my favourite minimalistic tracks since hologramm from matt john.. It haves a kind of soul that leads you on a trip, it's not confuse and haves not "yodel" vocals like others from him (sorry Villa, but it's true!).
Unlike we can think, looking at the time it lasts, it's not boring and haves a sense of hypnotic minimal drive that only a few can have while producing. Despite his production way, this release is more "dancefloor", altough mantains the minimal touch. A evolution I think, cause his production vs. djing had always a sublime difference in Villalobos style.
Without a doubt, I recommend this one, if not to a dancefloor, always to a ear delight back at home :)

Tracklisting (Ep):

A1 - Fizheuer Zieheuer (Part 1)
B1 -
Fizheuer Zieheuer (Part 2)

Tracklisting (cd):

1 -
Fizheuer Zieheuer
2 - Fizbeast
(Courtesy from www.juno.co.uk)

Robosonic - Yasmin

Label: diskomafia / undercoverart
Catalogue: UCA-07
Style: electro/minimal/tech-house

Here is the second release from robosonic (I must confess this name doesn't enters in my ear!) in undercoverart label, after his Nintendo Remixes, for the same label.
It's not the best I've heard this november, but it's free to download and it's quite good in fact. More sided to the electro movement, but with some minimal/techno touches for the dancefloor. Doesn't compromise, and gives it a shake. I was expecting more from the Koletzky/Meindl remix, but in fact does not compromise their minimal fame. The "Die Kinder vom Kotti" and "Yasmin - Koletzky/meindl remix are my favourites, maybe because they're the most minimalist from the Ep. Try Robosonic for FREE at the links below.


A1 Yasmin
B1 Die Kinder vom Kotti
A2 Yasmin (Oliver Koletzki & Florian Meindl Remix)
B2 Yasmin (The Coconut Wireless Remix)


Exercise One - Where is My Keyboard

Perfect release from one of my favourite producers. Exercise one are Marco Freivogel (a.k.a. M. Freebird) & Ingo Gansera, berlim based and present us pure genuine minimal techno, or what sould it be. This is perfect material, dark rythms, never ending paths... Where is my keyboard? ...they ask! maybe it meltdown will all the hot stuff they produce! Build to enjoy @ the dancefloors. Released on num records (Lee van Dowski and Phill Quenum's label)

a1 - Where is my keyboard?
b1 - A night like this


Jorge Savoretti - 150 Reasons to Bite You

Savoretti, Argentinian based, proves why latin
production is getting like no other to the danceclubs. It's deepness, power and funky bass, as you can see in the A side of the ep, says it all... 150 Reasons to Bite has all those condiments but what to say of Marc Houle's remix... He adds his state of disturbancy to the great rythm of the original making it an amazing neurotic attack. Than you have Ryon Crosson - like Houle a m_nus producer - who delivers the final shakedown on 150 reasons to bite you.. he goes way underground delivering another great touch to the music. Released by Esperanza Records. A must have

a1 - 150 Reasons to Bite You
a2 - Space Juice
b1 - 150 Reasons to Bite You (Mark Houle rmx)
b2 - 150 Reasons to Bite You (Ryan Crosson rmx)


Mobilee - Back To Back Remix Series Vol. 03

Volume three (the 4th is coming) of Back to Back
Series, the release 17 of Mobilee records, another great Label. Jesse Rose picked up Pan Pot's Black Dog and remixed it showing his London fever in the music making it more electro and less minimal. A dub edit is presented in the second track. But the best track of this release is without any doubt the Remix of Exercise one on Sebo k - Horizon's track. A brilliant track, leading through the music to a great feal of power, with it's trippy minimal clicks and always sided by bassy beats and growing paths... Rising till the end! don't miss it :)

a1 Pan Pot - "Black Dog" (Jesse Rose remix)
a2 Pan Pot - "Black Dog" (Jesse's Pots & Pans edit)
b1 Sebo K - "Horizons" (Exercise One's Sleepless In San Juan mix)


Minimize me

Just a few bombs as the war's not over:

Sami Koivikko - Paeaejaeaesae
Dave Dk - Ocean Club
Miss Yetti - Sideways (P Toile mix)
Scsi-9 - Railway Two
Denis Karimani - Agitatio
Philipp Wolgast - My Mate Primate
GummiHz - The Light
Repeat Repeat - Why Must (Gaiser's Sel Explanatory mix)
Ricardo Villalobos - Gugga Sempa
T. Raumschmiere - Die Alte Leier

Leonel Castillo - El paso cerrado Ep (Ltd Edition)

To spare my words I will use some from an inside "charity soul" that defined this Ep very well:

"Coming from South America and educated on German and Detroit sounds Leonel Castillo consolidates his techno sound after a few years of production and releases on labels such as Telegraph, Estatus Discos and his very own label Groovear! This first EP of Leonel on the UK based label Sushitech bring us 2 long and hypnotic tracks, Basic Channel inspired, no mad stop of grooves and little sounds that will be used as bedrocks in deep techno sets.

El Viento Blanco on the A side (14:51) is a very long track that will keep the groove locked on the dance floor and will give the DJ more creativity with mixing. With a very deep and hypnotic melody coming in and out all over the track to keep this long track interesting all along the way, this is a real minimalist techno tune that brings all the Basic Channel inspiration of this producer to the techno world of today!

La Nieve on the B side (12:48 ) starts with dubby chords and continues with the flange sound that takes the listener deeper into the dubby based groove of the track. A Perfect harmony of sounds combined together to create a long and winding trip. This must to be heard!"

This folks, is a limited edition to 500 unitys and some few of us, "the chosen mnmlanders" will have it. I'll bet "Villa" will have one! 8)
For what I've heard I can assure you that this Ep RockS!
For some additional information
, and Ep photos, just go to http://www.leonelcastillo.com.ar


Staffan Linzatti - Doctor vs. Con

Release nr 10 of rrygular, one of my favourite labels, deep minimal, fresh muzik, keeping the feeling rising. Linzatti, a 20 year old swedish (!) producer, done a nice job producing this ep. It's the kind of music that everyone will appreciate so it's a "must have"! Side a is great, full of positive energys and disturbed paths. Side b continues to charge the mood with 2 upskilled tracks that i know you'll enjoy. Nice release in a very promissing label...

a1 - Doctor vs. Con
b1 - Never Ride
b2 - Steal the Medical Supplies

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