Leonel Castillo - El paso cerrado Ep (Ltd Edition)

To spare my words I will use some from an inside "charity soul" that defined this Ep very well:

"Coming from South America and educated on German and Detroit sounds Leonel Castillo consolidates his techno sound after a few years of production and releases on labels such as Telegraph, Estatus Discos and his very own label Groovear! This first EP of Leonel on the UK based label Sushitech bring us 2 long and hypnotic tracks, Basic Channel inspired, no mad stop of grooves and little sounds that will be used as bedrocks in deep techno sets.

El Viento Blanco on the A side (14:51) is a very long track that will keep the groove locked on the dance floor and will give the DJ more creativity with mixing. With a very deep and hypnotic melody coming in and out all over the track to keep this long track interesting all along the way, this is a real minimalist techno tune that brings all the Basic Channel inspiration of this producer to the techno world of today!

La Nieve on the B side (12:48 ) starts with dubby chords and continues with the flange sound that takes the listener deeper into the dubby based groove of the track. A Perfect harmony of sounds combined together to create a long and winding trip. This must to be heard!"

This folks, is a limited edition to 500 unitys and some few of us, "the chosen mnmlanders" will have it. I'll bet "Villa" will have one! 8)
For what I've heard I can assure you that this Ep RockS!
For some additional information
, and Ep photos, just go to http://www.leonelcastillo.com.ar

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