Marek Bois - Boissche Untiefen

After Hearing to this great album, you'll understand why Marek Bois (Niklas Worgt) is such an acclaimed name on today's minimal techno scene. His work is very well knowed from Dapayk & Padberg duo, as Dapayk.
The bois bois bois Ep (released by Trapez, and already posted here on the Minimal Land), was the first release of him under this identity, and a really great Ep. Since that, we've followed his work in great releases like Mamp Halb/Halb Ep or Bed Bois Bloo Ep only to say a few ones! Normally releases on Trapez or Rrygular (The Label that represents him right now, great label) and also normally, they're releases that you don't forget for a lot of time.
This Album, also released on 2x vynil and single vynil with some musics (part1/Part2), depreends a marek bois way of producing straight minimal techno. I love a lot of musics on this Album, so I'll not say what's the best for me, cause in such a quality album like this, they're all good, only depending on the mood you're at.
Really is like a biography and a mark for todays minimal scene, and here I must say how rare is for you to find a album like this one. It's a very strongly recommended album for a buy, so if you have some money on your wallet you'll not regreat this buy, and if you do, I can almost say a thing like "If you're not satisfied, the Minimaland returns you the money", Lol, or at least you don't have anykind of minimal, minimal/techno taste!
Really, in fact, think that's not easy to make an album like this, that can make a dancefloor, progress a dancefloor, burn the dancefloor and just at the same time, apport a great capability to be listen at home not only by minimal freaks!
And the second Cd is the full album played live, a good idea to enrich an album and make it more "real".
I really hope I've helped you in this month album buying, really great buying guys!
Enjoy it! :D

Release Date: 05/05/2008; Label: Rrygular; Catalog: #Rry22AB


1 - memento moments
2 - dapss
3 - snareaway
4 - roth
5 - now
6 - roldgold
7 - lander
8 - tlaa
9 - whopair
10 - kimpton

1 - boissche untiefen live 60:59

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Lemos - Part One / Part Two

Lemos was my biggest surprise so far this year. His music is genuine and passioned and his sense of style is incredibly suitable to the new trends. So... the Greek producer got back with this release divided in two Eps ("Part One" and "Part Two") to celebrate the birth of a new label: Cecille Numbers. The a side of both was worked together with Ilan Manovach and they managed to create two true funky love tracks glanced by a great saxophone's (recorded live) coming along with a brilliant deep beat in two exquisite tracks. If you think that the A side of both are good wait untill you listen the B! "What Do You Believe?" is being played by names like Villalobos, Magda, Loco Dice, Karotte among others and has created great moments in the clubs. It goes through acid flavors, and the voices are not bad. Finally lets talk about "My Lady"... this has all the ingredients needed to a great music... nice construction, perfect beat, clean breaks and a strong rhythm. It's my favorite of the 4! Lemos equals Future, a stunning release, hope you enjoy.

a1 - Bine Compadre (ft. Ilan Manovach)
b1 - What Do You Believe In?


a1 - Blow It (ft. Ilan Manovach)
b1 - My Lady


Florian Meindl - Blast

Set to be out in May 13, Blast is the first Ep from Mr. Florian Meindl in 2008. And after listening it i can say to you that I'm glad he is back! This producer was born in Austria but had to move to Berlin in 2006 to be surrounded by the best guys of minimal production. Trapez never misses and this one proves it again! The first music of this ep couldn't had a better name and as it say's, it's really an huge Blast! 8 minutes of non stopping rhythm that you will beg not to stop when you hear it at the dance floors. I really enjoy this one, the power is enormous... makes me remind the great nights of "Dusty Kid - Logo", it pushes it through the edge! "Adjust" is also a nice groovy music, not as techy as the first but also with a nice development where minimal is brilliant presented. This would be to the first hours of the night when the moods are yet to be settled. "Subfocus" ends this Ep in a great minimal way. A nice track where everything grows once at the time. 3 great musics in a peace of art at the minimal techno scene, where Blast is definitely the main key! Enjoy..

a1 - Blast
b1 - Adjust
b2 - Subfocus

Cesare vs Disorder - Smooth Saturn EP

Back Monday

Resopal Schallware
Catalog#: RSP054

- Tingkungpoo
a2 - Red Square Fun Tools
b1 - Smooth Saturn
b2 - Trouble


Paul Kalkbrenner - Bingo Bongo

Paul Kalkbrenner is one of the names that, here in minimal land, we like the most. His genuine music fits perfectly to our world of magical potions! This two musics makes me realize that this guy is still hanging on to what he does the best! In the A side we have the "Bingo Bongo" track. A deep quiet music filled by a quite sad melody... this music is getting better and better every time i listen it... it's one of the quality's of Mr. Kalkbrenner. In the B side you have one of those old school tracks he normally produces. A music that can be compared to Altes Kamuffel, also done by him. A pumpy beat and a groovy style in a genuine German style, perfect to rise up the levels in the dancefloor... what an explosion!! A side to the mind, B side to the Body, released by Bpitch Control.

a1 - Bingo Bongo
b1 - Schwere Ware


Maxime Dangles - Speicher 59

The Kompakt Extra editions are back this time with Maxime Dangles leading the boat! This young French producer that my friend Canadas likes so much has made an incredible job on this production. Tulipa fills the A Side with a monster minimal tech track based on deep long bass and a powerfull minimal tech rythm. One of the best tracks i heard in a long time, what a furious performance. I confess that i'm not a big enthusiast of this Kompakt series but this one transcends whatever i may think of it! In the B side we have "Firewire" and, in musical terms, it doesn't stay behind the other track... in fact this one is even a darker and harder one floating through the roughest patterns of minimal techno. A nice one to 4A.M when you want go rise up the moods and spirit of the power people. A music to take part of every Dj's chart! wow!

a1 - Tulipa
b1 - Firewire

Jeff Bennett - Sediment Remixes

I can't say that I'm a great Jeff Bennett productions, it seems like is always something missing. Despite his great know how of the scene, usually theres a lack of emotion on his music. In his live performances the same doesn't happen and you get a hell of a show! This "Sediment" release is very good with three different versions stepping up different environments allowing you to choose whatever you want to. The first remix by Jori Hulkkonen is simply amazing with a solid beat and genuine production. The guy from Finland transforms the original into an old school one, the kind of electronic music that only certain producers are able to do... this is one of them! Perc remix goes harder and darker floating to different variances of structure. The beat is incredible and the melody is awesome to terr you apart! A great minimal show off to bookmark this Ep. Lastly the one from Bjorn Wilke... a nice electro track to dancefloor nerds that only like commercial tracks. Despite it's a nice one, it doesn't has the requirements of a minimal land genuine track like the rest of the musics! Nice Ep, released by Kung Fu Dub, Bennet's own label!


a1 - Sediment (Jori Hulkkonen remix)
b1 - Sediment (Perc remix)
b2 - Sediment (Bjorn Wilke remix)


Markus Schatz - Frozen Flowers Ep

After a release on Highgrade Germany, Scribble Mania Ep, with Tom Clark (Scribble Mania; Scribble Shock), Markus Schatz releases his first solo, just after three months to show up with this Frozen Flowers Ep in Opossum. Also, he could not be so unknowable by you, as a part of Schatz & Wickinger. I tell you this first Ep with clark, really passed me and I did not gave a real listen on it. But after this Frozen Flowers, I've heared it like god says, with more attention, and realised that Schatz gave the mind games and Clark the harmonys. That was a really fine minimal Ep and this new Solo Ep just give him a confirmation of good work wich apports some recognition. With this solo work, You'll understand what I'm saying.. Also, Opossum (Berlin based label by Marcel Jochmann a.k.a. DJ Unrath) had a first release from Sweet and Candy, and other names have edited trough them like Moritz Piske (A bet) and Format:B, and they show interest in keep good releases and sounds without keeping major names.
An hypnotic one :)

Catalog #OPSM 014

? Methamorphose (Unfortunately samples till this moment not found, only in the promo)

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