Florian Meindl - Blast

Set to be out in May 13, Blast is the first Ep from Mr. Florian Meindl in 2008. And after listening it i can say to you that I'm glad he is back! This producer was born in Austria but had to move to Berlin in 2006 to be surrounded by the best guys of minimal production. Trapez never misses and this one proves it again! The first music of this ep couldn't had a better name and as it say's, it's really an huge Blast! 8 minutes of non stopping rhythm that you will beg not to stop when you hear it at the dance floors. I really enjoy this one, the power is enormous... makes me remind the great nights of "Dusty Kid - Logo", it pushes it through the edge! "Adjust" is also a nice groovy music, not as techy as the first but also with a nice development where minimal is brilliant presented. This would be to the first hours of the night when the moods are yet to be settled. "Subfocus" ends this Ep in a great minimal way. A nice track where everything grows once at the time. 3 great musics in a peace of art at the minimal techno scene, where Blast is definitely the main key! Enjoy..

a1 - Blast
b1 - Adjust
b2 - Subfocus

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