Jeff Bennett - Sediment Remixes

I can't say that I'm a great Jeff Bennett productions, it seems like is always something missing. Despite his great know how of the scene, usually theres a lack of emotion on his music. In his live performances the same doesn't happen and you get a hell of a show! This "Sediment" release is very good with three different versions stepping up different environments allowing you to choose whatever you want to. The first remix by Jori Hulkkonen is simply amazing with a solid beat and genuine production. The guy from Finland transforms the original into an old school one, the kind of electronic music that only certain producers are able to do... this is one of them! Perc remix goes harder and darker floating to different variances of structure. The beat is incredible and the melody is awesome to terr you apart! A great minimal show off to bookmark this Ep. Lastly the one from Bjorn Wilke... a nice electro track to dancefloor nerds that only like commercial tracks. Despite it's a nice one, it doesn't has the requirements of a minimal land genuine track like the rest of the musics! Nice Ep, released by Kung Fu Dub, Bennet's own label!


a1 - Sediment (Jori Hulkkonen remix)
b1 - Sediment (Perc remix)
b2 - Sediment (Bjorn Wilke remix)

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