Markus Schatz - Frozen Flowers Ep

After a release on Highgrade Germany, Scribble Mania Ep, with Tom Clark (Scribble Mania; Scribble Shock), Markus Schatz releases his first solo, just after three months to show up with this Frozen Flowers Ep in Opossum. Also, he could not be so unknowable by you, as a part of Schatz & Wickinger. I tell you this first Ep with clark, really passed me and I did not gave a real listen on it. But after this Frozen Flowers, I've heared it like god says, with more attention, and realised that Schatz gave the mind games and Clark the harmonys. That was a really fine minimal Ep and this new Solo Ep just give him a confirmation of good work wich apports some recognition. With this solo work, You'll understand what I'm saying.. Also, Opossum (Berlin based label by Marcel Jochmann a.k.a. DJ Unrath) had a first release from Sweet and Candy, and other names have edited trough them like Moritz Piske (A bet) and Format:B, and they show interest in keep good releases and sounds without keeping major names.
An hypnotic one :)

Catalog #OPSM 014

? Methamorphose (Unfortunately samples till this moment not found, only in the promo)


francis canadas said...

flowers for flow.
grand flow, como vai isso por aí?

Anonymous said...

another detroit local you might enjoy..


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