Marek Bois - Boissche Untiefen

After Hearing to this great album, you'll understand why Marek Bois (Niklas Worgt) is such an acclaimed name on today's minimal techno scene. His work is very well knowed from Dapayk & Padberg duo, as Dapayk.
The bois bois bois Ep (released by Trapez, and already posted here on the Minimal Land), was the first release of him under this identity, and a really great Ep. Since that, we've followed his work in great releases like Mamp Halb/Halb Ep or Bed Bois Bloo Ep only to say a few ones! Normally releases on Trapez or Rrygular (The Label that represents him right now, great label) and also normally, they're releases that you don't forget for a lot of time.
This Album, also released on 2x vynil and single vynil with some musics (part1/Part2), depreends a marek bois way of producing straight minimal techno. I love a lot of musics on this Album, so I'll not say what's the best for me, cause in such a quality album like this, they're all good, only depending on the mood you're at.
Really is like a biography and a mark for todays minimal scene, and here I must say how rare is for you to find a album like this one. It's a very strongly recommended album for a buy, so if you have some money on your wallet you'll not regreat this buy, and if you do, I can almost say a thing like "If you're not satisfied, the Minimaland returns you the money", Lol, or at least you don't have anykind of minimal, minimal/techno taste!
Really, in fact, think that's not easy to make an album like this, that can make a dancefloor, progress a dancefloor, burn the dancefloor and just at the same time, apport a great capability to be listen at home not only by minimal freaks!
And the second Cd is the full album played live, a good idea to enrich an album and make it more "real".
I really hope I've helped you in this month album buying, really great buying guys!
Enjoy it! :D

Release Date: 05/05/2008; Label: Rrygular; Catalog: #Rry22AB


1 - memento moments
2 - dapss
3 - snareaway
4 - roth
5 - now
6 - roldgold
7 - lander
8 - tlaa
9 - whopair
10 - kimpton

1 - boissche untiefen live 60:59

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