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Fifteen years of Drumcode shaking the electronic scene deserves a proper celebration! Mr. Adam Beyer, one of our favorite artists, delivers a gift that's supposed to be enjoyed by fans and listeners worldwide for this christmas!

”It‘s not an easy thing to do over a 15 year period—to maintain an interesting, updated formula of something you started fifteen years ago,” commented Adam Beyer on his label Drumcode in a recent interview. Since 1996, Drumcode has grown to become an institution in the global techno scene, encompassing a radio program, an event series, and, most importantly, a home for the musical vision of its artists and founder. First founded by Beyer to self-release his own records, Drumcode is currently placed alongside the most influential techno imprints, and ranked among the world‘s best. “15 Years of Drumcode” not only celebrates this legacy, it propels the label further with a fresh injection of new and unreleased tracks from some of techno‘s finest producers.

In typical Drumcode fashion, “15 Years of Drum- code” celebrates the past by focusing on the present. There are no throwbacks, rehashings, or even remixes of the label‘s classic tracks. Instead, the 28-track compilation showcases only the newest and most exciting work of Drumcode‘s current roster, cascading between tough, thumping techno and housier, atmospheric arrangements. Yet even with its heavy variety, each track displays the kind of no-nonsense attitude that has become a hallmark of Drumcode‘s sound.

Amongst the talent featured on the compilation include of some techno‘s undisputed heavy-weights, CLR boss Chris Liebing teams up with Brian Sanhaji on their stomping, warehouse-filling track “The Undertaking”. H-Productions founder Cari Lekebusch and Joseph Capriati collaborate on “Napoli 4 pm”, a hybrid tech-house track ondulating with bass and metallic effects. There‘s also appearances by Soma Records founders Slam, whose tracks “Temperance” and “Sonic Scuffle” bristle with momentum and straightforward velocity. Adding to the roster of talent on “15 Years of Drumcode” are tracks from Dustin Zahn, Gary Beck, Jesper Dahlback, label head himself Adam Beyer, and many others.

Slated for release in late November, with various vinyl issues during december, kind os as a nice christmas gift, “15 Years of Drumcode” will be celebrated with a concurrent album tour across Europe‘s most prominent clubs featuring headlining sets by Adam Beyer and other members of the Drumcode family. While there‘s certainly plenty for Drumcode to reflect on over
the past fifteen years, it‘s still the moment that counts!

Label: Drumcode
Artists: Various Artists
Title: 15 Years Of Drumcode
Format. 2 x CD Compilation/Digital Compilation/Vinyl
Cat.Number. DCCD06
Release Date (Digital) November 28, 2011
Distribution Digital. Beatport, I-Tunes, Juno, What People Play

Digital Compilation
01. Grindvik and Billie - Hold, Doubt, Back
02. Slam - Temperance
03. Ben Sims - Make That Shit Funk
04. Paul Ritch - Adreneline
05. Adam Beyer - A Walking Contradiction (Joseph Capri- ati remix)
06. Nicole Moudaber - Contents Of My Head
07. Gregor Tresher - At The Fall Of Night
08. Kaiserdisco - Drum Suspension
09. Alan Fitzpatrick - Running Backwards
10. Cari Lekebusch and Joseph Capriati - Napoli 4pm
11. Jesper Dahlback - No Control
12. Dustin Zahn - Breaking the Cycle
13. Joel Mull - Shake Trip
14. Tony Rohr - Work
15. Gary Beck - Round Your Place
16. Patrick Siech - Structure
17. Mauro Picotto and Riccardo Ferri - Asteroids
18. Nihad Tule - Collider
19. The Advent and Jason Fernandes - Rocket Science
20. Slam - Sonic Scuffle
21. Pascal Mollin vs Egbert - Several Voices
22. Nima Khak - Red One
23. Roberto Capuano - Oblique
24. Nagano Kitchen - Black Panther
25. Chris Liebing and Brian Sanhaji - The Undertaking
26. Gary Beck - Distant
27. Harvey Mckay - Supercell
28. Rocco Caine - Orphan

CD1 - Various Artists - 15 Years Of Drumcode
01. Kaiserdisco - Drum Suspension
02. Alan Fitzpatrick - Running Backwards
03. Paul Ritch - Adreneline
04. Mauro Picotto and Riccardo Ferri - Asteroids
05. Patrick Siech - Structure
06. Jesper Dahlback- No Control
07. Joel Mull - Shake Trip
08. Cari Lekebusch and Joseph Capriati - Napoli 4pm
09. Gregor Tresher - At The Fall Of Night
10. Adam Beyer - A Walking Contradiction (Joseph Ca- priati remix)

CD2 - Various Artists - 15 Years Of Drumcode
01. Grindvik and Billie - Hold, Doubt, Back
02. Slam - Temperance
03. Nagano Kitchen - Black Panther
04. Gary Beck - Round Your Place
05. Chris Liebing and Brian Sanhaji - The Undertaking
06. Ben Sims - Make That Shit Funk
07. Nicole Moudaber - Contents Of My Head
08. Slam - Sonic Scuffle
09. Roberto Capuano - Oblique
10. Rocco Caine - Orphan

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Rob Small - Phased EP

Artform is founded by Jamie Anderson having in mind the idea of transmit their good vibe and the mission of this label is to bridge the gap between genres of electronic music by experimenting with fusing styles and developing new sounds. With this presets, Artform has new three tracks of rotational tech-house with producer and DJ Rob Small. Needless to say, Rob's DJ and producer career is the product of growth in the early '90s and being influenced by House & Techno dub background.

With only 20 years, Rob started with his own event called "friction", an event that happened in a club in Leeds in 2006, after the reputation growth with this actions, Rob was invited to join in 'Breakout audio Records Label, and the newfound passion for the industry triggered Rob’s enthusiasm for music production. In January 2009 his Detroit techno influenced ‘Torment EP’ was snapped up and released on Selektor Music which was later supported by the best. Rob Small from there went on to have a series of projections and remixes on various brands across the world, and is fast becoming one of the most exciting talents to recently emerge from the UK’s House & Techno scene. His style of Synthetic Techno and ‘Proper’ House Music dj sets has seen him devastate clubs the world over.
So, having said this, "Phased" comes with his particular sound, slightly acid, sub-bass ignited delight of electronic music, continuing to privilege Artform with a great release, playing an integral role in pioneering worldwide Tech-House phenomena.Droping the needle, appears “Phased”, naming the Ep and providing a balanced mix of old school techno snippets and a great tech-house groove, slightly mental and trippy. Dub version of “Phased” sounds a little more coherent and as well more “quiet” maintaining the same basics and comes as a great alternative to a set which is demanding some cadence in the sound path. Finally, with a little hand of Kyle Marshall, appears “Smoke & Ski”, a track with a great groove line, trippy semi-influenced Detroit organ sounds and a nice experience to warm some crowd into an introspective dance, mixing accurately old school in the claps and other details with the current bassline trends, creating a great mixture of both.Artform has accumulated more than a decade of Detroit Techno and Chicago House influencies, championed by the likes of Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, DJ Sneak, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Laurent Garnier and Dave Angel, a growth which finally outcomes in this Ep as a bright mix of their roots with a smell of present times attached to it.

Genre: Techno / Tech House
Label:: Artform
Catalog: #ARTFORM0213


1 - Phased – Original Mix
2 - Phased – Dub
3 - Phased Smoke & Ski – Original Mix

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