43 ep's to offer this Christmas

This is probably my last post here during this year so nothing better to give you a catch over of the best that was made in 2006. If you are looking of what to offer this Christmas listen some of this Eps and you will have great gifts ideas to give to people like me. In no order of preference:
  • Shane Berry - Fillertet
  • Ananda & Eulberg - Harzer Roller
  • Villalobos - What You Say is More than I Can Say (Isolee Remixes)
  • Loco Dice - Carthago
  • Ananda & Cio D'or - Lauschgoldengel
  • Lawrence - Deep Sumer Hole
  • Booka Shade - In White Rooms Vol2
  • Sarah Goldfarb - La Demission du Coach
  • Bodzin & Huntemann - Black
  • Alter Ego - Transphormer remixes
  • Tekel - Creteil Connexion
  • Gabriel Ananda - Miracel Whop
  • Johannes Heil - Freaks'r'us
  • Oxia - Speicher 34
  • Troy Pierce - 25Bitches Vol1&2
  • Loco Dice - Seeing Through Shadows
  • Marc Houle - Bay of Figs
  • Tractile - Silent Movie
  • Matt John - Joker Family Park Two
  • Melchior Productions Ltd - We Get Lonely In Different Places
  • Villalobos - Fizheuer Zieheuer
  • Argy - Night Ritual
  • Bug & Tanzmann - Shick n Shock
  • Dan Berkson & James What - Zig Zag
  • Martin Landsky - 1000 Miles
  • Florian Meindl - Glitchy Katie
  • Marek Bois - Fake
  • Misc - Like Morning in Your Eyes Remixes
  • Alex Smoke - Meany
  • Audion - Mouth to Mouth
  • John Spring - Superman Days
  • Tadeo - Granate Granada
  • Florian Meindl - Milk In Tea
  • Luke Le Mans - Jerry Spring Her
  • Slg - Caffeine
  • Ryan Crosson - Gotham Road
  • Minilogue - The Leopard
  • Format B - Cosa Nostra Funk
  • Agoria - Code 1026
  • Gui Boratto - Division
  • Lawrence - Along The Wire
  • My My - Songs For the Gentle
  • Cobblestone Jazz - India in Me
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See u in 2007


Herlihy & Torrance - So That's What Happens

Gavin Herlihy and Craig Torrance - London based - are the pieces that produced this unique ep. A great work, perfect to the christmas season, where the deep spaces and minimal feelings take place. The calm melody that joins the music always uprising together with the synths that leads you to a some kind of higher stage are perfect."So that's what happens" has been in the playlists off Dj's like Damian Lazarus, Kiki or Tiefschwarz wich tell's us that this is not just one more track. Traveling around deep house, electro and minimal breaks, this is a fabulous one!
In the B side you have Isolée's remix, old school producer, that knows what to do and when to do it. He took the voice's out, got it more minimal and arranged it perfect to be a classical like the a side. Nice and suprising work released on mood music.

a1 - So That's What Happens
b1 - So That's What Happens (Isolée remix)

Eyerer & Atto - Supersnack

Martin Eyerer and Gui Boratto got together to form a new project, we hope to be the first of many releases from this great producers as a team. Supersnack is a trippy funky track, gathering the best of what this guys can make. The percussion and the neurotic beat that marks the music makes you cry for more... In the first track of the b side you have Zigon remix of Supersnack, making it a more cool but less minimal track, not as "doable" as the original is in the dancelfloors. The b2 side presents Hacke's remix, i'm glad he and his music are back. The track is a peace of art, transforming the original into a pumpy one full of energy and good taste. A trapez release, great one, the 51st

a1 - Supersnack (Original)
b1 - Supersnack (Zigon rmx)
b2 - Supersnack (Oliver Hacke rmx)


Gaiser - Neural Block

After the first Ep "And Answer" Gaiser is back with another release on m_nus - Neural Block. His reputation is growing day by day and this fabulous ep confirms everything we may be expecting from him. The music seems to have a certain power inside you, i think i heard all the tracks previously, in Magda or Hawtin sets..."Neural block" presents everything you will be listening during the ep, underground rythm, disturbed micro-sounds building the path of the music, just the title can describe the music a lot. "Half Life" - 2nd track - will be a classic in a few time, minimalist bass line, always recycling itself with a subtle growing environment full of dark little samples. A master piece...
"Seepage" keeps the disturbance of the others, it's a music to enjoy in the early hours of the night with an hypnotic melody that will mess you up. "Off Print" is the most clitchy and pumpy track of the Ep... just hear it and you'll find out why... attention on the snares that full fill all the parts of the music. Closing one - "Separation" - keeping all the beats, snares and texture that you should be used to when you are listening Gaiser's music... another killer.A brilliant classy release, the 45th off m_nus.

a1 - Neural Block
a2 - Half Life
b1 - Seepage
b2 - Off Print


Early Christmas

Christmas aproaching and everybody seems to be at their best production level. This might be the best compilation I ever posted here... consider it an early season gift! Music at it's best...

My My - Eleventh Hour
Martin Buttrich - What's Your Name?
Minilogue - The Leopard (extrawelt rmx)
Gabriel Ananda - Glucksmelodie (Stefan Tretau rmx)
Oxia vs Ginos & Snake - Seven (Oxia rework)
Pablo Akaros - Konnekt Koln
Da-Roh - Sommerkrausel of Fortune
Robag Wruhme - Paap Tonikk
Dilo vs Gurtz - Cosacos
Minilogue - Second (Gabriel Ananda rmx)
Dan Berkson & James What - Asteroids
My My - Blue Skies


Tobias. - Dial

Tobias Freund presents "Dial" released by Logistic Records. He has been involved in the music business as a sound engineer and producer for the past 25 years. His love and knowledge of music is widespread, he participated in some musical ventures like nsi. non stantard institute or sieg ueber die sonne with dandy jack.Tobias, his solo name, is focused on dance music, Dial - a1 side - is a powerfull hypnotic stomping endless loop, the energy rises with the first beat. Violence presents disturbance with great kickdrum tool. Below houston and 2nd to none are housy tracks... nice but housy! thanks to Tailored Communication for the release... cheers

a1 - Dial
a2 - Violence
b1 - Below Houston
b2 - 2nd to None
to stream the musics please visit the website and choose Tobias. on the BLUE PLAYER

Martinez - Echochamber

Great release to start the week; winter seems to bring to producers dark and deep meanings to its music. Echochamber, first track of the ep, presents us dark feelings with a deep bass and crazy disturbed sounds leading it to a great underground groove. Wooden Box keeps the patterns of the A side, it presents a great flow and its not as darker as the other. Two great tracks of Martinez marking his return to Audiomatique Records after the great mixed cd "Audiomatique Volume 1". Just Don't Stop Dancing

a1 - Echochamber
b1 - Wooden Box



just a few ones that couldn't been forgotten...

Pawel - Ceramics
Martin Buttrich - What's Your Name
Friendly People - 99.9
Osvaldo - Stella Called
Paul Ritch - Grom
Dapay Solo - Woo (Does the Glitch Bother You?)
P Van Dongen - Fingerless
Minilogue - Out of the Curious (Luke Dzierzek rmx)
Nerk & Dirk Leyers - Stepshifter
Agoria - Baboul Hair Cuttin (Radio Slave rmx)
Jennifer Cardini & Shonky - Lies
Dash Dude - Revenge of the Nerd (Argy's Horserider mix)

Thomas Fehlmann - Emo Pack

Ep nr 146 of Kompakt recds. Thomas Fehlmann, berlim based producer, presents us a nice release drifting through techno, minimal,dub and ambient sounds. A1 is a great track, pumpy yet calm, quiet but disturbed, always with constructive fases, making the music fullfill emotions and thoughts. Powdered, the 2nd track of the ep, goes more minimal, more funky and less deep... a nice one two. Dusted is a typical Kompakt track, hear it and you'll know what i'm talking about. The last track is a special one two, cause it's driven to the late morning hours. Perfect release by Fehlmannm representing old school as it is!

a1 - The Road
a2 - Powdered
b1 - Dusted
b2 - Pristine


Gui Boratto - Gate 7

Architect, producer, musician and composer, Gui Boratto, brasilian based, presents us a masterpiece. Combining his latin "" flavours with a little of european electro touch. Reminds me some productions of Dahlback. Mad dancing grooves, uprising feelings and great production is what to be expected from the best brasilian minimal artist in these days. Released on k2 records, sublabel of Kompakt recds.

a1 - Gate 7
b1 - Chains


SLG - Caffeine

With the second 12" release on Trapez, following his brilliant debut Ep, Nine Hours released August 2006, the top polish producer SLG aka Lukasz Seliga, takes it one step further proving his skill of producing finest post detroit minimal techno music.
Lukasz Seliga has been experimenting and producing music for over ten years, but only recently decided to release it. He claims to be "a perfectionist who laboriously works on details before any release".
When I've heard it, I really thinked "look, Alex Under strikes back" (Saludos Alex Under!). Only when I saw the name I realized it. It's not, of course, Alex Under but haves a mark and it's without any doubt a producer to remember. His focus on details are really deep sh*t with a constructive way that fuses polyrhythmic versatility, quick changes and power in the arranjement leads you into some kind of "music blow"! Comfortable and warm basslines are tottally in tune with all other elements and clicks in the music, and we can't expect anything else from a producer that doesn´t release till "the job's done"! Rushour is more subdued and minimal, but doesn't "escape" from a quality seal! Caffeine is, without a doubt, a great release. It's really minimal techno delivered like a bomb into a dancefloor! It's still hot in the mnmland :P

Label: Trapez
Catalogue: [Trapez 070]
Release date: 11th December 2006

A1 - Caffeine
B1 - Rushhour

Ricardo Villalobos - Fizheuer Zieheuer

Label: Playhouse
Catalogue: [playcd21/play133]
Released: October 31

I Luv this guy! Another strike in his production way (more than 11 minutes!), but this one really occupies the whole Ep! There's the same release on cd to have a new one (playcd21), the fizbeast, that doesn't find her space on the Ep, lol!
I must say that Fizheuer Zieheur (part 1 and 2) is one of my favourite minimalistic tracks since hologramm from matt john.. It haves a kind of soul that leads you on a trip, it's not confuse and haves not "yodel" vocals like others from him (sorry Villa, but it's true!).
Unlike we can think, looking at the time it lasts, it's not boring and haves a sense of hypnotic minimal drive that only a few can have while producing. Despite his production way, this release is more "dancefloor", altough mantains the minimal touch. A evolution I think, cause his production vs. djing had always a sublime difference in Villalobos style.
Without a doubt, I recommend this one, if not to a dancefloor, always to a ear delight back at home :)

Tracklisting (Ep):

A1 - Fizheuer Zieheuer (Part 1)
B1 -
Fizheuer Zieheuer (Part 2)

Tracklisting (cd):

1 -
Fizheuer Zieheuer
2 - Fizbeast
(Courtesy from www.juno.co.uk)

Robosonic - Yasmin

Label: diskomafia / undercoverart
Catalogue: UCA-07
Style: electro/minimal/tech-house

Here is the second release from robosonic (I must confess this name doesn't enters in my ear!) in undercoverart label, after his Nintendo Remixes, for the same label.
It's not the best I've heard this november, but it's free to download and it's quite good in fact. More sided to the electro movement, but with some minimal/techno touches for the dancefloor. Doesn't compromise, and gives it a shake. I was expecting more from the Koletzky/Meindl remix, but in fact does not compromise their minimal fame. The "Die Kinder vom Kotti" and "Yasmin - Koletzky/meindl remix are my favourites, maybe because they're the most minimalist from the Ep. Try Robosonic for FREE at the links below.


A1 Yasmin
B1 Die Kinder vom Kotti
A2 Yasmin (Oliver Koletzki & Florian Meindl Remix)
B2 Yasmin (The Coconut Wireless Remix)


Exercise One - Where is My Keyboard

Perfect release from one of my favourite producers. Exercise one are Marco Freivogel (a.k.a. M. Freebird) & Ingo Gansera, berlim based and present us pure genuine minimal techno, or what sould it be. This is perfect material, dark rythms, never ending paths... Where is my keyboard? ...they ask! maybe it meltdown will all the hot stuff they produce! Build to enjoy @ the dancefloors. Released on num records (Lee van Dowski and Phill Quenum's label)

a1 - Where is my keyboard?
b1 - A night like this


Jorge Savoretti - 150 Reasons to Bite You

Savoretti, Argentinian based, proves why latin
production is getting like no other to the danceclubs. It's deepness, power and funky bass, as you can see in the A side of the ep, says it all... 150 Reasons to Bite has all those condiments but what to say of Marc Houle's remix... He adds his state of disturbancy to the great rythm of the original making it an amazing neurotic attack. Than you have Ryon Crosson - like Houle a m_nus producer - who delivers the final shakedown on 150 reasons to bite you.. he goes way underground delivering another great touch to the music. Released by Esperanza Records. A must have

a1 - 150 Reasons to Bite You
a2 - Space Juice
b1 - 150 Reasons to Bite You (Mark Houle rmx)
b2 - 150 Reasons to Bite You (Ryan Crosson rmx)


Mobilee - Back To Back Remix Series Vol. 03

Volume three (the 4th is coming) of Back to Back
Series, the release 17 of Mobilee records, another great Label. Jesse Rose picked up Pan Pot's Black Dog and remixed it showing his London fever in the music making it more electro and less minimal. A dub edit is presented in the second track. But the best track of this release is without any doubt the Remix of Exercise one on Sebo k - Horizon's track. A brilliant track, leading through the music to a great feal of power, with it's trippy minimal clicks and always sided by bassy beats and growing paths... Rising till the end! don't miss it :)

a1 Pan Pot - "Black Dog" (Jesse Rose remix)
a2 Pan Pot - "Black Dog" (Jesse's Pots & Pans edit)
b1 Sebo K - "Horizons" (Exercise One's Sleepless In San Juan mix)


Minimize me

Just a few bombs as the war's not over:

Sami Koivikko - Paeaejaeaesae
Dave Dk - Ocean Club
Miss Yetti - Sideways (P Toile mix)
Scsi-9 - Railway Two
Denis Karimani - Agitatio
Philipp Wolgast - My Mate Primate
GummiHz - The Light
Repeat Repeat - Why Must (Gaiser's Sel Explanatory mix)
Ricardo Villalobos - Gugga Sempa
T. Raumschmiere - Die Alte Leier

Leonel Castillo - El paso cerrado Ep (Ltd Edition)

To spare my words I will use some from an inside "charity soul" that defined this Ep very well:

"Coming from South America and educated on German and Detroit sounds Leonel Castillo consolidates his techno sound after a few years of production and releases on labels such as Telegraph, Estatus Discos and his very own label Groovear! This first EP of Leonel on the UK based label Sushitech bring us 2 long and hypnotic tracks, Basic Channel inspired, no mad stop of grooves and little sounds that will be used as bedrocks in deep techno sets.

El Viento Blanco on the A side (14:51) is a very long track that will keep the groove locked on the dance floor and will give the DJ more creativity with mixing. With a very deep and hypnotic melody coming in and out all over the track to keep this long track interesting all along the way, this is a real minimalist techno tune that brings all the Basic Channel inspiration of this producer to the techno world of today!

La Nieve on the B side (12:48 ) starts with dubby chords and continues with the flange sound that takes the listener deeper into the dubby based groove of the track. A Perfect harmony of sounds combined together to create a long and winding trip. This must to be heard!"

This folks, is a limited edition to 500 unitys and some few of us, "the chosen mnmlanders" will have it. I'll bet "Villa" will have one! 8)
For what I've heard I can assure you that this Ep RockS!
For some additional information
, and Ep photos, just go to http://www.leonelcastillo.com.ar


Staffan Linzatti - Doctor vs. Con

Release nr 10 of rrygular, one of my favourite labels, deep minimal, fresh muzik, keeping the feeling rising. Linzatti, a 20 year old swedish (!) producer, done a nice job producing this ep. It's the kind of music that everyone will appreciate so it's a "must have"! Side a is great, full of positive energys and disturbed paths. Side b continues to charge the mood with 2 upskilled tracks that i know you'll enjoy. Nice release in a very promissing label...

a1 - Doctor vs. Con
b1 - Never Ride
b2 - Steal the Medical Supplies


Eyerer vs Koletzi - Granulum/Nimbus Ep

Kickboxer - sublabel of Boxer Recordings - proudly presents Martin Eyerer & Oliver Koletzi, a great duo, that produced an Ep marked by perfect beats and clean minimal breaks. Both musics are ideal to the floor vibes with their wicked groove and tremendous power, more techy in Granulum (what a track!) and more electro in Nimbus. A fine way to end today's musical update, release #11 at this promissing label! Enjoy

a1 - Granulum
b1 - Nimbus

Monomachine - Flor de Loto

Flor de Loto is truthly the best album i listened this last few weeks and i've listened some good ones as you may notice. Monomachine are Francisco Allendes and Inigo Oruezaba, two guys from Zaragoza i think. It reminds me artists like Alex Under or Bruno Pronsato, betting more on the minimal tech side, full of groovy beats and hypnotic acid reverbs. "Flor de Loto (Inxec rmx) is absolutely great, a minimal trippy perfection... "Long day" is a nice deep track. Released by Immigrant Industries. You can listen all the four tracks in the label's website

1 - Flor De Loto (Original Mix)
2 - Flor De Loto (Inxec Mix)
3 - Traveller
4 - A Long Day

Woody - Whatever Pt2

Part 2 of Whatever series, released in the last month, listened for the first time Today. Long energetic tracks, perfect to take it to the dancefloors. Side A more electronic and pumpy, Side B dark and misterious, showing two sides of what can be produced in the minimal variable. Released by Fumakilla records, german label

a1 - Hot Rod
b1 - Dakini


James Holden - The Idiots are Winning

The Uk based producer will release in the last days of november his debut album, a very subjective production. Some won't appreciate it, others will... i liked it a lot. It's a different kind of art. It flows through abstract and experimental music reaching some pleasant minimal techno patterns. This release - on Border Community - shows why James Holden is one of the most respected producers in the world. Lump, Idiot, Corduroy or Idiot Clapsolo are interesting productions with a high level of detail... just taste it
”What I want to do is make electronic music that feels more human and more live – just letting the machines malfunction and me be barely in control of them, you just need to know where to inject the life into it, and how to, and then the computer can become an instrument just like any other" says Holden.

tracklisting: 01. Lump / 02. Quiet Drumming Interlude / 03. 10101 / 04. Corduroy / 05. Flute / 06. Idiot / 07. Lumpette / 08. Intentionally Left Blank / 09. Idiot Clapsolo / 10. Quiet Drumming


Minimize II

Black Art Orchestra - Minimize the Risk
Billy Dalessandro - Dont Sleep
Alex Under - Miltipliremezclas(Tadeo rmx)
Sleeper Thief - Full of you
And Again - Larry's Circus
Anja Schneider - Addicted (Gummihz rmx)
Marcus Hartmann - Chromosom 24
Audiofly vs James Talk - Cool Wet Grass
Isolee - Willy Skipper

Start Chasing (Extrawelt Remix)

Start Chasing (Extrawelt Remix), from the CD5" of Alexander Kowalski - Start Chasing (Promo)

Label: Different , Play It Again Sam (PIAS)

Released: Sep 2006


Matzak - Might Is Right

The first release of Matzak. I'll be waiting for the next one... Go look for it!

Label: Kickboxer

Style: Minimal, Tech House

A1 The Burglar (*****)
A2 Mad Is Mad
B1 French Pop
B2 Puzzle Bubble (*****)


Melchior Production - Different Places

It feels good to listen smooth music producers that knows how to touch us in the soul. Melchior Productions aka Tomas Melchior has that special feeling that not all the people are born with. Producing a different kind of minimal that feels good to hear in special nights when you want to escape from all that normally full fills your average day. This musics are like a gradual cultivation of beat with hithats that surfs on an on an endless wave. A release to the special days, number 58 on Perlon records..
"We Get lonely in different places"

a1 - Different Places
b1 - The Phantom

Format B - Cosa Nostra Funk

Format B are Franziskus Sell & Jakob Hildenbrand, Berlim based, this release marks their remarcable and uprising level of production. All the three tracks are above the usual standards. "Sex Drive" shows their electro side while "Knarzer Roller" goes through deep minimal patterns, this might me the best track of the ep, or at least the one that pleases me the most. But the track that first captured my attention was "Cosa Nostra Funk" - the first time i listened this great pumpy track was in a friend's set and i got madly in love with it. Don't miss this one released on Opossum records :)

a1 - Sex Drive
b1 - Cosa Nostra Funk
b2 - Knarzer Roller


Shonky - Closer to pluton

"Closer to Pluton" is the latest release in the red series of Resopal. This label has been providing us some of the freshness deep minimal that has been in the scene. Shonky is the latest promisse grabbed by them and this young french producer sure has a lot of talent. "Zeds Dead" will be in the dancefloors around the world, a crazy track, freaky minimal, already used by djs like Magda or Mandy. "Closer to Pluton", the a1 track (my favourite) shows a different side, more hypnotic, disturbed and underground. The other two tracks are quite good, more deeper, less shaky but surelly very well produced. The 8th Resopal Red Series release... another great one.

a1 - Closer to Pluton
a2 - Fear the Cocos
b1 - Zeds Dead
b2 - Born on Snake Island

Le Name Festival


Barem - Campo Madness Ep

Hi there, getting back from the holidays, just trying to get up to date... it's hard though with so many things being released...
During the updating a name was better than the others, it's music was dark, great bass patterns, remembering me of Tadeo or Alex Under. Barem it's an argentinian producer, he's got the pure latin fever... If you like deep minimal clichy musics you will appreciate this. Release nr 9 on foundsound on ep and also on mp3.

Listen and Download it here:
a1 - Campoloco
a2 - Campoloco (Onur Oezer rmx)
b1 - Cilindro
b2 - La Frazada del Tio


Extrawelt - Doch Doch (12")

Another one great release of EXTRAWELT

Label: Traum Schallplatten

Style: Techno, Minimal

A Doch Doch (6:17)
B Last Past (7:23) http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF230973-01-02-01.mp3


Funk D'void & Phil Kieran - Worm of Mouth

making minimaland an hipnotic place:

Great release. Worm of mouth will warm and shake most of techno /minimal techno performances around the world this summer, cause it haves a feeling so great! Drived by a kind of wheel that accelerates at midlle, constantly uprising.
Don't miss it ;)

Release: 10 July 2006
Label: Soma Records (Soma 201)

a1-worm of mouth

b1-tick tick tick


Pan Pot - Black Lodge

"The Black Lodge is known as the extradimensional mystery place in David Lynch´s "Twin Peaks". We don´t want to know Pan-Pot´s exact relationship to Laura Palmer - but the new mobilee release contains two extradimensional tracks that contain countless rooms with endless sound creations.It´s the third Pan-Pot Release on mobilee and it seems that the boys are on the mission to create their very own shelf in the minimal techno circus. A1 - Black Dog is produced by Marco Resmann, Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix. The Dog is digging a deep hole in the dirt. He is sure he hide the big bone at this place. He is digging and digging::: and finally he found what he was looking for. Just imagine the smile on the dog face. "It seems you look like a dog." B1 - Black Widow is produced by Pan-Pot´s Tassilo & Thomas. Black Widow is a very playful track with a lot of changes in different directions. The Widow is spinning it´s small net bouncing from one end to the other. The atmospheric final is the most beautiful sound landscape we have heard in the last time. For those who know - only a very famous musician from Detroit could have done it better". ... in soulseduction.com

Perfect soulseduction review to the Ep of the year - till now - my humble opinion...

a1 - Black Dog
b1 - Black Window


Marek Bois - Mampe Halb/Halb

I just listened it for the first time now and i can tell you, i'm amazed. Great deep long bass lines, perfect construction of recycled minimal, a great ep to please the hard guys. After the success of the latest releases in Trapez and most recently in Rrygular - Fake Ep - Marek Bois is back presenting his best album so far and introducing himself as one of the best in the minimal scene. All three tracks are top10, a1 is the most quiet track, yet with a great rythm, Hawtins style, my favourite. b1 - Sutskop levels the things up and Schnelle ends it with lots of techno feelings running it over... it surelly is one of the best releases of the year!

a1 Mampe Halb/Halb
b1 Sutskop
b2 Schnelle

Agoria - Code 1026

Two poisened musics to present this EP. Side A showing the influence of Detroit techno scene in Sebastian Devaud (aka Agoria) mind. Massive production, full of euforic moments, electro shock all the way, very similar to what Dj Hell or Vitalic normally does! Great Track.
Side B - Kick the Place it's a chilling deep house track, enjoyable but not near of the work done in A1. A nice album, giving you two completely different flows of what house is about! Released on Different.

a1 Agoria - Code 1026
b1 Agoria - Kick the Place


Mike & Dot - Lego Ep

I must say i hear a lot of vinyls per day and when i'm looking for a nice ep to post here i always try to get a perfect minimal example. Like this one, very subtle yet very well produced, Mike & Dot brings us nice tunes for july. Fat 32 (makes me remember that f*cking computer error) is the perfect mixture of Mike & Dot feelings, it contains all the ingredients of the other 3 ep tracks. Don't miss this one of the guys from Israel... release nr 64 on sub static.

a1 - Back Up
a2 - Fat 32
b1 - Stereo Looking
b2 - Cut


Alejandro Lopez - Fir(s)t

Release nr 23 in minimise records, the first one from Alejandro Lopez, a spanish producer ( from Gijon). Perfect Ep for guys like Matthew johnson or Villalobos that like to put in their playlists deep grooves, based synths, minimalist inputs and great percussions.
This is another spanish great promisse in the producing field, the first album is already a great one and with time and know how Alejandro Lopez can be one of the best cause the feeling is already there. The B2 Track - First - is my favourite, marked by a great acid rythm , very similar to what Alex Under normally does. The other two are more simpler but tracks that caused me a good surprise. Be aware...

a1 - Kernel
b1 - Pisces
b2 - Fir(s)t


Heat in July

10+1 tracks to take tha heat:

Goldfish and der Dulz - Uhu
Dominik Eulberg - Bionik
Oxia - Future
Loco Dice - Backroom Melody
Northern light - Cocaine (Troy Pierce remix)
Cabanne - Move the Cow
Tekel - Choudbrussel
Booka Shade - In White Rooms (Shinedoe remix)
Robert Drewek - Pegasus (Da Fresh remix)
Mistake - Espirit (Butane remix)
Bodyrox - Yeah Yeah (D.Ramirez remix)


What's been happening these days, don't lose it:

Sascha Funke - In between days (BPitch Control)
Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy - Phobos (Systematic)
Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy - Ferdinand (Systematic)
Michael Mayer/Reinhard Voigt - Transparenza (Kompakt Speicher)
Pantha Du Prince – Lichten (Dial)

Dominik Eulberg - Björn Bockenkäfer (Traum)
Minilogue - The Leopard (Traum)

Minilogue - Seconds (Traum)
Punto - 3tempo3 (Orange Groove)

Guy Gerber & Shlomi Aber - Sea of sand (Cocoon Recordings)


Exercise One - Debaya

Keeping the feeling of the last post i'll present to you now a pure genuine tech house release.

Press review for mobile 011:
It´s the 2nd relase on mobilee for the two beat wizards “M Freebird” and “Gansera” better known as Exercise One. “Debaya” and “Flight Cancelled” hit the dancefloor with deep bass and heavy synth lines, dark melodic parts and euphoric breaks. Both tracks are tested during live gigs all over Europe.From the moment Exercise One appears on the stage they catch the audience.This is what the new 12” is made from. Less blubby minimal more dancy techno.

Jeremy P. Caulfield - Tumble dry

If you are looking for subtle minimal techno, progressive rythms and something to calm down, i'll present to you tumble dry by Jeremy P Caulfield, old school Dj and Producer, one of the most respected in the Canadian scene. This ep brings back the feeling of what the music was all about, just listen it carefully. Against The Rip does it all for me, subtle patterns always giving you the feeling of wanting more of the same. A great release on dumb unit

a1 - Against the Rip
b1 - Nude Beach


Giorgos Gatzigristos - Skip Tutorial

The first ep of the Greek Giorgos Gatzigristos, released on k2 (sublabel of kompakt), pleasant us perfection for the summer, without euforic moments, the 12" is based on simple music and noisy effects disturbing that simplicity always stepped with a progressive and perfect construction . The first side Skip Tutorial is a great example of what a minimal track should be and the b side - Sloensje - is perfect to the summer feelings! Another promissing producer uprising the scene.

a1 - Skip Tutorial
b1 - Sloensje


Extrawelt - Fernweh / Drehfehler (Kompass Musik)

There's something you can't lose...

EXTRAWELT is back with something very good... Just hear it!

The first release of Kompass Musik.

A Fernweh http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF220512-01-01-01.mp3
B Drehfehler http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF1214303-02-01-02.mp3


Paul Kalkbrenner - Keule

Release nr 131 on Bpitch control, mr Old School, Paul Kalkbrenner is back with a great release! I'm usually not into his kind of work but i appreciated a lot this album! His music is more genuine and dynamic always keeping that disturbing progression of sounds, but this time, quieter... I think thats the reason i liked this one, the touch of kalkbrenner is not so subtle as in other albuns but the dancefloor mania is more present... Keule is the perfect example of it, nice kick, 3 or 4 noisy effects... breaks,progressions and you have a smashing music to the party people. Atzepeng, the first music of the B side has a deeper construction always marked by the geniality of Mr Paul Kalkbrenner, pure relaxing music, perfect 10 for the chilling moments. Freund Blase is, to me, the nicest track of this ep closing the gap between Apzepeng and Keule. Amazing Freund Blase perfect in all the ways it can be.
Old school telling how to do it..

Listen to:
a1 - Keule
b1 - Atzepeng
b2 - Freund Blase

Edited in2007: This album still brings me the same joy and kind of feeling... Atzepeng is beautiful, keule is a bomb and finally Freund Blase envolves me in such an unbelievable way...


Guido Schneider - Focus on Ep

Guido Schneider always produce the kind of music that enjoys me the most. Pokerflat is an habitue in this kind of releases and this one does not escape that rule! The Vynil version, "Focus on", a 2x LP, contains only Guido tracks while the album will be a mixed cd containing other tracks. I think i'd already heard the most of this tunes before, in sets of known djs. Super Sander and In case you didn't feel like showing up are the great simbols of this 2x LP release. Don't miss the best of what is done in the minimal world..
"I want to send my listeners on a journey based on hypnotic grooves, but I like to break through the .ow of sound with irritating details" - Guido Schneider

Listen to:
a1 - Super Sander
b1 - Rundata
b2 - Rumours
c1 - In case you didn't feel like showing up
d1 - Too many Voices
d2 - Drifting


Heckmann & Kauffelt - Kookaburra

Heckmann & Kauufelt teamed up to produce two great minimal techy tracks. I always liked heckmann since i heard one of his musics in a villalobos set a long time ago; so i listened this album and apreciate it a lot! Either kookaburra and klapperspecht are very disturbing tracks, kookaburra is a great music that must have been inspired in a safary! Nice paths always uprising, step by step leading to periodical insanity. I was very surprised with this release, great one, be aware...

Listen to:
a1 - Kookaburra
b1 - Klapperspecht


Alter Ego - Transphormer (remixes)

minimaland techny side

a - Transphormer (Johannes Heil remix)

b - Transphormer (My My's Alter Ego remix)

A great release. The remix from Johannes Heil it's very drive-shafted to a techno side. My my (it's not an error) makes a more subdued and minimal drived rythm. This sound makes a mental travel through your head. Very good "thinker" kind of minimal. ;)


Mauro Alpha - Pallette

With so many things going on this week, a lots of electro coming in, nice new things like Orange Bud, Super Flu, Phonique, Monolake or Swat Squad - all of them released new massive eps - i always fall in the same kind of tastes... a new Boxer album is like a fresh air breathing in through my window. My kind of taste always leads to the same way... I was hearing this new ep, i didn't knew it's name but i said... "this one is my favourite". And, well, a new Ep from Boxer Recordings,the 39th, this time from Mauro Alpha having remixes of luca morris & Paul C and in the B side ndkj does all the remixing work. Pallete is a minimal tune, very shaky perfect for the dancefloors and if the original one is good, what to say of Luca Morris & Paul C remix... it's hard to describe, the recycled minimalism that brings me joy always tuning in to the same direction showing us the best that can be done in this kind of work, perfect construction, feeling and know how! Ndkj presents us a more progressive tune, full of bass and not so disturbing or tripy as the luca morris mix, a nice music ending a huge Ep

Listen To:
a1 Mauro Alpha - Pallette
a2 Mauro Alpha - Pallette (Luca Morris & Paul C remix)
b1 Mauro Alpha - Pallette (Ndkj remix)

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