Exercise One - Debaya

Keeping the feeling of the last post i'll present to you now a pure genuine tech house release.

Press review for mobile 011:
It´s the 2nd relase on mobilee for the two beat wizards “M Freebird” and “Gansera” better known as Exercise One. “Debaya” and “Flight Cancelled” hit the dancefloor with deep bass and heavy synth lines, dark melodic parts and euphoric breaks. Both tracks are tested during live gigs all over Europe.From the moment Exercise One appears on the stage they catch the audience.This is what the new 12” is made from. Less blubby minimal more dancy techno.


Markus Merk said...

Flight Cancelled.. It's always an upset when you have one.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this is the real shittttttttt!!!!

Anonymous said...

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