Guido Schneider - Focus on Ep

Guido Schneider always produce the kind of music that enjoys me the most. Pokerflat is an habitue in this kind of releases and this one does not escape that rule! The Vynil version, "Focus on", a 2x LP, contains only Guido tracks while the album will be a mixed cd containing other tracks. I think i'd already heard the most of this tunes before, in sets of known djs. Super Sander and In case you didn't feel like showing up are the great simbols of this 2x LP release. Don't miss the best of what is done in the minimal world..
"I want to send my listeners on a journey based on hypnotic grooves, but I like to break through the .ow of sound with irritating details" - Guido Schneider

Listen to:
a1 - Super Sander
b1 - Rundata
b2 - Rumours
c1 - In case you didn't feel like showing up
d1 - Too many Voices
d2 - Drifting

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