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Jake Fairley - Oshawa (Sender Records)
Nathan Fake – Long sunny (Fairmont Remix) (Border Community)
A. Vivanco – Maximizado (Kahlwild)
Giorgio Gigli – I can't breathe (Lee van Dowski Remix) (Dumb Unit)
Sleeper Thief – Freefall (64 Records)
Dettmann & Klock – Dawning (Ostgut Ton)
Error Error – Your everlasting breath (Paul Kalkbrenner Remix) (Italic)

Fairmont - Gazebo (Electro-Choc)

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Tadeo - Granate Granada

Just today i realised that this is a great ep! Tadeo is a spanish producer and by hearing his music you can notice that he is deeply influenced by detroit techno minimalism! Full of noisy gradually penetrating sounds, Granate Granada, introduces to us, after Mr Alex Under, another promissing artist!I'm normally not listening this kind of music at home but this one just keeps playing and playing; Featuring playlists of names like Luciano or Richie hawin it was released in 1 of January on Cmyk Muzik ... Don't miss this techy one :)

Listen To:
a1 - Granate Granate
a2 - Granada Granada
b1 - Granate Granada

Sci-Fi Hi-Fi Vol.2: Mixed By Luciano

To be released on the 17 of April on Soma Records! Recorded live, taking vynil only, Luciano show to his fans the hypnotic minimalism that he likes to play always with great patterns & rhythms marking his personality as a producer... A 21 tracks cd incorporating names like Ricardo Villalobos, John Thomas, Serafin, Matt john, Donnacha Costelllo or Adam Beyer.. I've been listening to it and i can garantee that the chillean producer wont disappoint you!
“The mix is a selection of modern dance music that I’ve been selecting carefully with various amazing artists. It’s a small and intense idea about my own vision of a dance set, crossing different energies in 1 hour and 19 minutes.” by Luciano
Buy it here || Soma Cd 46


Nathan Fake - Drowning in a sea of remixes

Making Minimaland a more emotional place:

Well, here comes one more highly sentimental and trully emotional Ep from Nathan Fake (and those who choose him to make sublimal remixes!).
After some great releases, comes back in his launch label (Border Community) to make, as often, this magical release. I must confess that his "The sky was pink (James Holden remix)", is still on my mind, and the weird coincidence is that this music is from the same guy, in the same label and in the same part of the year! It seems it is on purpose (like: "Do you liked it? Take another shot!!!")
Now the facts.. The first "wave" (because we are on a sea of remixes), is Charlie's House (Apparat remix). This is the one from the Ep to keep a dancefloor moving and growing. Follows the basic construction mechanisms from Apparat, with an filthy, more electrical bass with buzzing synths. The start is great and haves that "fairy sample", that makes a little magic for the becoming sounds, and that minimal games between hi's and basses for an unexpected/expected entry, however, a little sound discharge near the end could made it better, but is in that sounding class... and is still great!
The second "wave", Long Sunny (Vincent Oliver remix), is a more calm release, great for that home moments, when you only want to be relaxed and amused by great sounds without listen to "Chill's", and keeping the minimal spectrum high, but the energy discharge down!
The fourth "wave", You Are Here (Fortdax remix), is on the same adjusting of second wave, but I must confess that this is the worst music from the Ep. Calm and peacefull, but that "broken" violin sound doesn't help it from the medium level of quality, and I must confess that in the end it lefted me an impression of midle age conqueror's, great for a hollywood movie with that script.
Now you're asking why I didn't talked about the third "wave" from this Ep, aren't you? Well, Long Sunny (Fairmont remix), is that ONE. Fairmont is the semi-famous side project of producer Jake Fairley - his “soft side”, and did this magical remix from Long sunny. The Music is so deep, so emotional, yet so energical with that kind of bass recicled sound I love. It chill me all every time that I listen it, with that chicken skin feeling. For me is the music that makes the sun rise up, gives you such a feeling of fulfilling that is hardly to describe it, because you only feel, you only stay there. Well, if you think I'm exagerating, just try it, and in a magical sunrise feel the wind, the landscape, the inner peace, and feel Long sunny (Fairmont remix). And when I found out the name, well.... It's just a name! And a name can't give you all that, can it?!....



"My dear friends in Lisbon, Porto and Vigo,

I’m very sad and sorry to not be able to be with you this weekend. Due to a stupid accident I need to have to undergo a surgery on my right shoulder this Monday. The doctors don’t think it would be such a funky idea to play and party with my Portuguese (and Spanish) friends this weekend because any swelling of my shoulder would endanger the success of this surgery. I promise you to catch up on the missed gigs as soon as possible and hope for your understanding.
Believe me, I would have preferred to share some wild nights with you lovely people instead but the risk is just to high.
I hope you’ll have a great and safe weekend and please: Take care of your bones and muscles!

Disculpa & hope to see you soon again!

Michael Mayer."


the better days

Molder - Tongue in the hole (Alex Under remix)


3 Channels - Scary Movie Ep

Making Minimaland happier:

a1 - 2 Minuty Po Tym
b1 - Jack In
b2 - Antypatia

After successful releases on Crosstown Rebels and Trapez Ltd, it seems Reynold (half part of Duplex 100 project) comes back to his origins, The German Trenton records.
The Polish name of the track on side A (“2 minutes after that”) may relate to what is happening after a breakdown filled with Detroit synths giving that "deja vu" sensation. The “hole” lasts more than 2 minutes and what comes afterwards is a very dynamic mixture of techy hats, bouncey synths and recycled bass, pushing always in one direction.Forward!. Very good stuff
Not worse is the minimal tech house “Jack In” on the flip. The percussive elements nicely going together with rustling samples and a pulsating bass is something that 3 Channels are well known for and its becoming one of their marks. Here, the foundation is completed with acid synths and a distorted male vocal .
The softer part of the EP is “Antypatia”. More subdued and minimal, without fireworks but with smoothly working clicks and interesting, buzzing synths instead it should find its place in the earlier parts of DJ sets, when the floor is asking for a tiny sound breakdown.
Making a review in all the points, it seems that this is an Ep with three personalities and a greater diversity, not sticked to the same music construction order and sounds, making it an Ep to carry on with your journeys. Not perfect, but polished!


Goldfish & Der Dulz - Dynomite


Alex Under - Multiplicaciones II

Apnea records - label based in Spain - must be thrilled by having producers like Alex Under working with them. After the first miracle of multiplicaciones, here is the second, another breath of pure air. Mr Alex Under won recently the 3rd spot for the revelation of the year on the deutsch "Groove magazine" and his album "Dispositivos de mi Granja" was placed in 4th in the Album of the year category. He will soon be in portugal to play in lisbon and coimbra and if he shows up presenting all this productions it will take us to heaven! A don't miss it ep, the second miracle of multiplicaciones...

Listen to:
a1 - Alex Under - C1

a2 - Alex Under - C2
b1 - Alex Under - D

2 Dollar Egg & Metope - Split 3

The 56th release on sender records, based on berlin, brings up two well know producers with credits well firmed in the electronical world. 2 Dollar Egg presents us a mass destruction tune, very techy & powerfull, keeping the kind of production he normally does, perfect for those crazy disturbant nights! The tekel remix of Metope - Second confirms us that tekel really is in a great shape creating, one more time, a great remix with electro vibes and allways uprising leading the music to a great emotion. A nice ep showing us two different sides of electronic minimal music

Listen to:
a1 - 2 Dollar Egg - Turnout
b1 - Metope - Second Skin (Tekel remix)



whats been happening inside the mnmland...

A ten music shake where tekel, duoteque or zombie nation lead us to a destructive phase and loco dice, ryan crosson or marek bois bring us great minimalist productions!

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