Nathan Fake - Drowning in a sea of remixes

Making Minimaland a more emotional place:

Well, here comes one more highly sentimental and trully emotional Ep from Nathan Fake (and those who choose him to make sublimal remixes!).
After some great releases, comes back in his launch label (Border Community) to make, as often, this magical release. I must confess that his "The sky was pink (James Holden remix)", is still on my mind, and the weird coincidence is that this music is from the same guy, in the same label and in the same part of the year! It seems it is on purpose (like: "Do you liked it? Take another shot!!!")
Now the facts.. The first "wave" (because we are on a sea of remixes), is Charlie's House (Apparat remix). This is the one from the Ep to keep a dancefloor moving and growing. Follows the basic construction mechanisms from Apparat, with an filthy, more electrical bass with buzzing synths. The start is great and haves that "fairy sample", that makes a little magic for the becoming sounds, and that minimal games between hi's and basses for an unexpected/expected entry, however, a little sound discharge near the end could made it better, but is in that sounding class... and is still great!
The second "wave", Long Sunny (Vincent Oliver remix), is a more calm release, great for that home moments, when you only want to be relaxed and amused by great sounds without listen to "Chill's", and keeping the minimal spectrum high, but the energy discharge down!
The fourth "wave", You Are Here (Fortdax remix), is on the same adjusting of second wave, but I must confess that this is the worst music from the Ep. Calm and peacefull, but that "broken" violin sound doesn't help it from the medium level of quality, and I must confess that in the end it lefted me an impression of midle age conqueror's, great for a hollywood movie with that script.
Now you're asking why I didn't talked about the third "wave" from this Ep, aren't you? Well, Long Sunny (Fairmont remix), is that ONE. Fairmont is the semi-famous side project of producer Jake Fairley - his “soft side”, and did this magical remix from Long sunny. The Music is so deep, so emotional, yet so energical with that kind of bass recicled sound I love. It chill me all every time that I listen it, with that chicken skin feeling. For me is the music that makes the sun rise up, gives you such a feeling of fulfilling that is hardly to describe it, because you only feel, you only stay there. Well, if you think I'm exagerating, just try it, and in a magical sunrise feel the wind, the landscape, the inner peace, and feel Long sunny (Fairmont remix). And when I found out the name, well.... It's just a name! And a name can't give you all that, can it?!....


hugo said...


chente said...

Thanks a bunch! I had my doubts about "Drowning in a Sea of Love", but these remixes are great!

Marco said...

this a litle old release but I must disagree with you men!

fairmont remix is just a fucking ripp off of his own song, gazebo!

cum'on do you really understand abou music?!

You Are Here (Fortdax remix) is the greatest music on this release! it is composed by classic instruments, it's a really masterpiece and it's the best composed music on the CD!
it is not easy to join electronic and classical so good as fortdax did! It is not a dancing music, but it is a fucking great music!

I give you the benefit because you wrote this 3 years ago, i think you should re-listen and tell me what you think now!

if you keep the same opinion you really don't understand electronic music!
it isn't just about the beat (pum pum pum!) the way the music is composed, the way the sonds fit on each other, that is just you need to understand!

Marco said...

because my other post was a critique won't you accept it?!

it is bad!

hugo said...

i accepted it when i saw it! Anyway, Flow isn't available to give you a straight answer...

man and when you say that "electronic music isn't just about the beat the way the music is composed, the way the sonds fit on each other, that is just you need to understand" ... DUH!

post accepted! enjoy dude

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