Sci-Fi Hi-Fi Vol.2: Mixed By Luciano

To be released on the 17 of April on Soma Records! Recorded live, taking vynil only, Luciano show to his fans the hypnotic minimalism that he likes to play always with great patterns & rhythms marking his personality as a producer... A 21 tracks cd incorporating names like Ricardo Villalobos, John Thomas, Serafin, Matt john, Donnacha Costelllo or Adam Beyer.. I've been listening to it and i can garantee that the chillean producer wont disappoint you!
“The mix is a selection of modern dance music that I’ve been selecting carefully with various amazing artists. It’s a small and intense idea about my own vision of a dance set, crossing different energies in 1 hour and 19 minutes.” by Luciano
Buy it here || Soma Cd 46

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