3 Channels - Scary Movie Ep

Making Minimaland happier:

a1 - 2 Minuty Po Tym
b1 - Jack In
b2 - Antypatia

After successful releases on Crosstown Rebels and Trapez Ltd, it seems Reynold (half part of Duplex 100 project) comes back to his origins, The German Trenton records.
The Polish name of the track on side A (“2 minutes after that”) may relate to what is happening after a breakdown filled with Detroit synths giving that "deja vu" sensation. The “hole” lasts more than 2 minutes and what comes afterwards is a very dynamic mixture of techy hats, bouncey synths and recycled bass, pushing always in one direction.Forward!. Very good stuff
Not worse is the minimal tech house “Jack In” on the flip. The percussive elements nicely going together with rustling samples and a pulsating bass is something that 3 Channels are well known for and its becoming one of their marks. Here, the foundation is completed with acid synths and a distorted male vocal .
The softer part of the EP is “Antypatia”. More subdued and minimal, without fireworks but with smoothly working clicks and interesting, buzzing synths instead it should find its place in the earlier parts of DJ sets, when the floor is asking for a tiny sound breakdown.
Making a review in all the points, it seems that this is an Ep with three personalities and a greater diversity, not sticked to the same music construction order and sounds, making it an Ep to carry on with your journeys. Not perfect, but polished!

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