Eyerer & Atto - Supersnack

Martin Eyerer and Gui Boratto got together to form a new project, we hope to be the first of many releases from this great producers as a team. Supersnack is a trippy funky track, gathering the best of what this guys can make. The percussion and the neurotic beat that marks the music makes you cry for more... In the first track of the b side you have Zigon remix of Supersnack, making it a more cool but less minimal track, not as "doable" as the original is in the dancelfloors. The b2 side presents Hacke's remix, i'm glad he and his music are back. The track is a peace of art, transforming the original into a pumpy one full of energy and good taste. A trapez release, great one, the 51st

a1 - Supersnack (Original)
b1 - Supersnack (Zigon rmx)
b2 - Supersnack (Oliver Hacke rmx)

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