Tobias. - Dial

Tobias Freund presents "Dial" released by Logistic Records. He has been involved in the music business as a sound engineer and producer for the past 25 years. His love and knowledge of music is widespread, he participated in some musical ventures like nsi. non stantard institute or sieg ueber die sonne with dandy jack.Tobias, his solo name, is focused on dance music, Dial - a1 side - is a powerfull hypnotic stomping endless loop, the energy rises with the first beat. Violence presents disturbance with great kickdrum tool. Below houston and 2nd to none are housy tracks... nice but housy! thanks to Tailored Communication for the release... cheers

a1 - Dial
a2 - Violence
b1 - Below Houston
b2 - 2nd to None
to stream the musics please visit the website and choose Tobias. on the BLUE PLAYER

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