Gaiser - Neural Block

After the first Ep "And Answer" Gaiser is back with another release on m_nus - Neural Block. His reputation is growing day by day and this fabulous ep confirms everything we may be expecting from him. The music seems to have a certain power inside you, i think i heard all the tracks previously, in Magda or Hawtin sets..."Neural block" presents everything you will be listening during the ep, underground rythm, disturbed micro-sounds building the path of the music, just the title can describe the music a lot. "Half Life" - 2nd track - will be a classic in a few time, minimalist bass line, always recycling itself with a subtle growing environment full of dark little samples. A master piece...
"Seepage" keeps the disturbance of the others, it's a music to enjoy in the early hours of the night with an hypnotic melody that will mess you up. "Off Print" is the most clitchy and pumpy track of the Ep... just hear it and you'll find out why... attention on the snares that full fill all the parts of the music. Closing one - "Separation" - keeping all the beats, snares and texture that you should be used to when you are listening Gaiser's music... another killer.A brilliant classy release, the 45th off m_nus.

a1 - Neural Block
a2 - Half Life
b1 - Seepage
b2 - Off Print

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