Herlihy & Torrance - So That's What Happens

Gavin Herlihy and Craig Torrance - London based - are the pieces that produced this unique ep. A great work, perfect to the christmas season, where the deep spaces and minimal feelings take place. The calm melody that joins the music always uprising together with the synths that leads you to a some kind of higher stage are perfect."So that's what happens" has been in the playlists off Dj's like Damian Lazarus, Kiki or Tiefschwarz wich tell's us that this is not just one more track. Traveling around deep house, electro and minimal breaks, this is a fabulous one!
In the B side you have Isolée's remix, old school producer, that knows what to do and when to do it. He took the voice's out, got it more minimal and arranged it perfect to be a classical like the a side. Nice and suprising work released on mood music.

a1 - So That's What Happens
b1 - So That's What Happens (Isolée remix)

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